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How To FLOW When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

It can be devastating when we’re faced with major life changes, unexpected challenges, or when things we want fall apart. When we try to control, we limit our ability to receive, so life is a struggle.

How do we stay directed and hold onto our goals but stay open to flow? Join me LIVE for this week’s episode of MindBody TV to unlock the key of RESILIENCE which lets in more of what serves us even when life seems to be falling apart.




Are you vision-driven or goal-oriented? The attachment or trying to be in control brings us into a whole energy frequency that blocks possibilities. In this video, Dr. Kim talks about how to flow when life doesn’t go as planned.

If you think something didn’t work or go as planned, it’s all because you’re holding an agenda. Letting go of that agenda is key to allowing fluidity to come in. When things seem to fall apart, the universe is just making space for a whole new possibility for you. Being in a place of control won’t allow you to receive that gift. When life falls apart, it should be revolutionary, not catastrophic. Keep in mind that a big “falling apart” is actually a major upgrade.

But how do you find fluidity when you’re told to keep fighting for your goals and not give up? There’s a big difference between giving up versus moving through things fluidly. It is possible to move through life fluidly even when there are big challenges.

To be in flow, be willing to be where you are. Show up exactly to where you are with an open heart.  Often, people just let go of 2% control, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible for you to let go and receive. Letting go of control, tension, and fear is never easy but it is always the portal of reclaiming your power. It allows life to create more for you as you step into more possibilities. When you let go of fear and control, and you’re willing to open to receive (or be in flow), it will always make you more able (not less able) to respond to what’s required.

Thinking that letting go means giving up is the biggest lie of the mind. Letting go, tuning in and allowing cause us to be more responsive to whatever is required. When life is falling apart or things don’t go as planned, allow fluidity to guide you back into your heart. Simply putting your hand into your heart activates sensory neurites that allow higher awareness to come in so you can choose accordingly. It’s not about being positive or not having anger. It’s all about the willingness to have transparency with yourself and keeping your heart open to meet that space.


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