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Are you ready to UNLEASH your Power

If you’ve struggled with illness, fatigue, or depression and felt LESS than fully alive….
It can be easy to think “There’s something wrong with me.”

I know because for YEARS I struggled in a relationship that wasn’t working.
I thought was the problem, so I worked harder and harder to make the relationship work, to be more loving, more giving, more forgiving, more understanding, MORE MORE MORE….

The life I had chosen was not about loving and cherishing ME, it was about improving me.

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I worked so hard to make my life work until I finally realized:
“I am worthy of receiving JOY unconditionally!”

I let go of all the ideas I had about not being enough (or being “too much”) and all the ways this suppressed me.

What happened was amazing.

I had UNLEASHED something deep within me. A power. A source.
I tapped in!

Everything changed. I easily received all I needed to move forward.

My life today looks nothing like where I was back then.

I have amazing energy, vitality, and love.


You can tap into this now.
It doesn’t just heal your body, it heals everything in your life!

I’ve assisted hundreds of women with this process of releasing everything you think about what it takes to heal and receiving the infinite energy within you.

I’ve opened up my Embracing Health program one last time to do this live with you! <HERE are the details.>

If you KNOW you’re ready to let go of all the old programming…
…to EMBRACE all your heart is aching for…
…to live FULLY ALIVE and filled with vitality and passion…
…to release what’s really suppressed your health and UNLEASH this Inner Power!


The time is now!
You are a leader, pioneering this space on the UNKNOWN for millions of women everywhere. 
In this incredible journey you will explore the infinite nature of you, and receive FAR more than you have imagined.

I would love to meet you in this space of “YES!” and usher you forward.

With Love and Light,
– Kim

P.S. I’m holding a LIVE webinar Thursday, November 29th @ 11am PST. Join HERE.

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  1. I read a “New Earth” over & over and had for small spurts of light and then gone & got sucked back into the old familiar ways. I thought that by going back to the book & reading it over & over it would come and the harder I tried the more depressed & angry I became. Don’t know how to move forward or out…

    • By letting go of the “trying harder”. You can keep reading and reading, but not until you release the idea that you need to this “light” to be ok exactly as you are. It will come when you can relax into all that is coming up for you.

    • Hello Ezzi,
      I understand very well what you are experiencing, as it is pretty much the same for me!
      much love to you!

  2. Is there a recording of the webinar? I registered but wasn’t able to attend live. The email confirmation stated the replay would be sent out soon after the webinar, but I haven’t received it.
    Thank you!


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