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The Two Main Blocks to Healing

There are two main blocks that keep you from being fully alive in the body and having ideal health.

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The FIRST is how much you’ve been blocking yourself from self-love. This shows up as a rejection of your body.  When you say things like, “I hate my body, I don’t want to feel these symptoms, I want my body to be different…” this puts shame upon your body. It is self-hatred and it will block receiving, and block the flow of health and abundance.

See if you can change your approach by allowing more self-love. Can you approach your pain or illness with acceptance? This is required when you have chronic health issues. It allows you to release illness and open to so much more. Ask yourself, “What is right about this that I am blocking and how can I allow that to release?

Connect with self-love instead of self-hatred and allow that energy to move.

The SECOND thing that most blocks healing is: not allowing yourself to feel what is actually happening in your body. You might tell yourself, “I don’t want to feel bad or I don’t want to feel negative.”  You think you should just be positive so that you will not have to feel the “negative.”

Be willing to be present with EVERY sensation in the body. Be willing to sit in your fear, anxiety, pain or depression. It might be scariest thing you do, but when you resist this, it keeps everything stuck and those energies can’t move. When you allow yourself to feel what is happening, these energies can move fluidly through you.

Practice and see what happens!

-Dr. Kim



  1. You are always so inspiring dr. Kim. Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom!
    I continue to listen to your affirmations every night before going to sleep. It keeps me in good health!

    • Thank you Marcelle! XO

  2. Great Stuff

    I have lyme disease and thinking about trying some of your stuff…

    • Hi Nina. This is Jessica. Dr.Kim’s assistant. I too have Lyme Disease and have done many of Dr. Kim’s program’s and they have been very helpful in my healing. This could be a great resource for you!

    • Hi again. If you were interested in working with Dr.Kim she is running a special this month for her MindBody Solution for Anxiety. I know for myself, anxiety was one of my biggest symptoms with Lyme Disease. Here is the link:

      or if you wanted to start with The Instant Elevation Technique program it can help with brain fog and fatigue. Also very common with Lyme Disease.

      Either one could be a great fit to get started and you will have access to Dr.Kim in the Facebook groups where she will answer you questions and help assist you through the programs.


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