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3 KEYS to True Health and Wealth

There seem to be a million ways out there to develop better health and wealth, and many people are very busy working on them every day. However, when we remember that we are vibrational, not primarily physical beings, things become very simple. True health and true wealth are one and the same: living our most expansive expression of self.

There are 3 main KEYS to creating this which are at the heart of all spiritual traditions. Join me this week in MindBody TV to explore these keys and begin applying them in your life to release the struggle and start living your most vital and abundant life today!




In this video, Dr. Kim shares three keys to true health and wealth, which are the two main things people are ready to receive more of.

Most people who are in the conquest of health and wealth are in the never-ending universe of “more,” keeping themselves ever busy with more to learn, more to do, more to work at. This is not the frequency of prosperity. True health isn’t just about looking younger, having more energy, or losing weight. It is about feeling an inner deep sense of the essence of who you are, living your heart’s desire, and being on purpose.

You are primarily vibrational, not physical. You are made of pure energy. Tapping your passion and the things that make you fully alive have a direct physical effect on every cell in your body. That’s why doing this is the very first thing you should do before going to any surgery, taking any medication or doing anything that may support your health.

The first key to true health and wealth is residing in unity consciousness, not fear consciousness. Allow yourself to be in a higher frequency by being in the space of exactly where you are now! Being at peace with “what is” raises your frequency immediately. Keep in mind that your body is one whole unit. Everything is pure energy and vibrating at a certain frequency. When you are vibrating in a more fluid state of harmony and ease, it raises your frequency enough that your cellular state becomes more harmonic. It’s a subtle shift, a quantum shift.

The second key is your inner connection with the divine and the source of life. Your inner connection allows you to remember that everything out there is a reflection of what’s going on within you. If there’s too much illness or never enough money, ask yourself where the inner betrayal and lack of generosity for yourself is.

The third key is the willingness to follow your heart. What is your true desire? Are you willing to go deeper and follow the calling of your heart, as opposed to what your mind thinks you need to do to get there? The mind can keep you in the never-ending journey of more. Your heart, however, knows what exactly will create more and create the expansion of true health and true wealth you are looking for.


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