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They said he needed a hip replacement

I recently had a client with severe hip pain that’s been there for over a decade. It’s interrupted his running, and recently has impaired his ability to stay active and enjoy life.

The X-ray showed severe degeneration of the joint and his doctor told him he would require a hip replacement to get out of pain.

After working together using MindBody Medicine, his pain changed. It’s now almost gone.

He told me today that he realized after being given a diagnosis, things worsened significantly.

“When I was diagnosed, the pain doubled, and I limped twice as much as before. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now it’s clear how much I made the diagnosis mean.”

When he was able to connect with his body’s wisdom, he released old energy that had been there for decades, that he hadn’t realized had anything to do with his hip pain.

Within a short time, he was pain-free.

No hip replacement needed. 🙂

He also reminded me of something by one of my favorite healers:

“Just because you have a diagnosis, does not mean you need to have symptoms.”

-Dr. Joe Dispenza

I invite you into this freedom too.

What can you release that would allow your body to heal, even though you have a diagnosis?



  1. I had a knee totally give out. After months of PT I had a TKR. This March I had a second TKR. What type of mind body exercises can I do to promote my healing? I have little flexion in my ankles. It has been suggested that has caused the knee problems and I may have to have a procedure to lengthen the achilles tendon when I heal further.

  2. I have been in un godly pain for 41 and a half months now. I have no diagnosis. Except for the guesses, parasites, lyme, internal shingles etc. Im so hung up on what it is that everything ive tried from iv therapy to shaman or psychics and everything in between, hasnt done a whole lot in the way of improvement. Instead of treating one thing, im treating every possible thing and its very difficult. I want to release the need for a diagnosis so I can just heal and be done. The cycle of depression and pain is really frustrating. I tap all the time and it helps immenesly and I have improved a lot but it never seems to be permenant. Please I want to change. Thank you for your videos.
    Blessing to you,

  3. I have just postponed my hip replacement surgery that was for today and re-scheduled for January 24th due to a UTI. I will also have to have the other hip replaced, as well. I can hardly walk, but walk I do, no matter. And today, I was googling Dr. Joe and found you (I had heard of you before and did the quiz a year or so ago) describing a client’s hip pain and experience. Coincidence? I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve been meditating and visualizing and believing, besides doing all the natural alternative things I can do so as not to have hip surgery. For years! I’ve had this for ten years. I was an Irish set dancer and very active, very healthy, but apparently, according to the surgeon, I developed this condition when I was developing as a youngster. When the femoral head, that should be round, is oblong, and there are bone spurs and degeneration, how can that heal by meditation and visualization, believing? A strike of energetic God Spirit to change the femoral head? It could, but how many years do I ask for this? And how could I not feel bone spurs…I’ve envisioned them dissolving, hands re-molding my femoral heads…you name it. Should I feel I don’t have enough faith? This is called wellness shaming to tell people they’re just not connecting to their bodies enough, visualizing, or believing enough! I don’t want this surgery and it’s taken me forever to finally accept it and then the UTI has prevented it for today. Perhaps I should view the miracle of healing hands of surgeons and technology, as well? Only because I happened upon this video and story here (I guess you posted a few years ago) on the day I was supposed to have surgery, have I decided to comment. What do you think?

    • Let yourself be resourced in every way. Life will give you exactly what you need and if you can trust that and trust yourself more to let that support in and serve you. It’s not a coincidence that you say this video at this time. It showed up FOR you!


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