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The “Work-Life” Balance Myth

You’re probably all familiar with the term “work-life balance.” It’s a common phrase in our culture that implies an individual needs time allocated for work and also time for other aspects of life. This separation of the two suggests that our work is not our life, and vice versa.

When we separate work and life this way, we are buying into the idea that we’re not fully alive in our work and that when we’re working, we’re not living.

Instead, viewing work and life as something that expands your aliveness can be a huge contribution to your body. It truly is an effortless, life-giving experience when we do work we love.

So, if you are working in a way that doesn’t allow living to your fullest, you can start asking how you can incorporate expansion.

When we begin living as an abundant expression of who we really are, whether we are at work or not, we can be FULLY ALIVE!

Even if you currently feel stuck and unbalanced, take some time to ask how you might be able to incorporate more life into your work. Especially with the amount of time most people spend at work, this is one of the most important things you can do for your health!

Maybe that means transitioning into a different job or role that allows for more passion. Perhaps it could involve exploring possibilities you didn’t even know existed up to this point.

Find ways to bring aliveness into the work you’re doing currently. What are the juicy bits that really make you light up? Maybe you don’t love your job, but know that it provides money to pay for things you are grateful for and already passionate about, could you tie this together to generate some inspiration for going?

For instance, if a job helps pay your mortgage, put food on the table, or provide education to your kids… those are all things you truly value. Tying this gratitude into your work allows you to make a huge difference in our mindset.

This energy brings you joy right where you are AND brings in a higher perspective that allows you to see new opportunities and invite change.

You deserve fulfillment in everything you do, and when you bring aliveness into our work, there is no longer a balancing act. Working with meaning and appreciation IS the harmony most people are trying to create with balance.

Try this and see what can happen for you!

Dr. Kim



  1. Dear Dr D’Eramo,

    Thank you for this wisdom. I will be bringing this approach into my daily chores.

  2. Hi Dr. Kim! Funny about the timing of this video!

    I just resigned from my part-time bookkeeping job on May 29th. I put my trust in the Lord and see what doors he opens for me.

    I lost my spark at work and I know my path will be revealed to me. I don’t have to be afraid and stuck in a place where I feel stagnant.

    A couple years ago this would have scared me to death, but after working with you, I’ve learned the universe wants what’s best for me and I’m not afraid.

    Bring it on world! Take care. I miss ya. Hug those kiddos for me ❤️⭐️❤️


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