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The Pose that Reverses Depression

According to my friend, Matt Sanford (he trains yogis all over the world,) this simple yoga pose is like “Broccoli for your emotional body.” You literally cannot feel depressed after being in this pose.

I recommend it daily for 5 minutes. Life-changing!

It decreases stress hormones, and inflammation that causes disease, AND it’s shown to increase “healthy hormones” like endorphins and oxytocin, that make you feel a sense of confidence and self-worth.



  1. Brilliant! I`ll do the broccolipose every day for five minutes! I really needed this information today. Many thanks. Josefin

    • Yay! So glad it’s useful Josefin! Way to go committing to your well-being!

  2. Interesting. I’ll definitely try it out & see how it works.

    • Thanks Armand, Yes try it. It’s really so relieving and opening!

  3. Even not getting on the ground, I noticed the change in my body and breathing !!! Can’t wait to get home and try the floor !

    • Right on, Crystal! Please report back how it is on the ground!

  4. Dearest Kim. Appreciate your enthusiasm here, AND your perspective, while useful for someone with the blues, feeling down, having a rough go of it for a few days or a week. However, the “you can heal yourself!” approach can be disastrous, even fatal, for those whose depression is clinical (i.e.: Major Depressive Episode per DSM V, especially dangerous when it’s recurrent).

    I know. I’ve lost three dear friends who suffered from severe depression, one of whom was a devoted yogini.

    I recommend you read and your readers take a look at this excellent article in Elephant Journal, DON’T TELL ME “CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY”: THE REALITY OF DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE. (see link, below) You may save someones life.

    • Hello, and I’m sorry for my severely delayed response.

      I totally agree with what you’re saying and for YEARS struggled with that approach to my illness.
      It wasn’t until I really understood how to use MindBody Medicine (instead of “trying to fix myself”) that things resolved.

      I’ve seen that same old approach with so many of my patients, and the first part of what I do is to get them out of that old mentality which can create lots of self-blame.
      Thanks for the prompting!!!
      -Dr. Kim


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