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The Be the Medicine program changed my life!

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes follow-up call with Karen Flemming who had just completed the Be the Medicine program. She had done a private session with me as part of the course and this was a recap to check in after that powerful session. Karen had an incredible journey with this program, and we wanted to share this with you.

There are many themes she experienced that are common with coaches and wellness practitioners like:

-feeling like you’re not good enough

-seeing others succeed but thinking you cannot

-fear of really trusting yourself and your gifts

-lack of clarity on next steps


-getting lost in the old mind instead of creating from abundance

I’m so grateful to Karen for showing up for this work, receiving so gracefully, believing in her heart, and sharing this with all of you!!

I’d also love for you to meet Joanne!

Joanne Boylan is a licensed massage therapist who knew she was here to have a much bigger impact in assisting healing. She joined the Be the Medicine program after hearing me speak on the Tapping World Summit and feeling something open deep within her.

Here is what she had to say about how this changed her life and her practice.

Join us now!

The first things she noticed were in her relationship with her husband:
“These were things I didn’t know could change and they did as a reflection of the changes in me” she had said.

She also noticed major changes with her daughter, where there had been struggles.

Also, since she had searched for years to address multiple health issues, she was surprised to find resolution and learn that the answers were within herself!

She also noticed changes with her clients:
“People were getting more out of working with me, although I wasn’t doing anything differently.”

I recently interviewed her so she could share her encouragement with others. She shared many insights including:

“I would highly recommend this program to others. It was more than a ‘course.’ It’s a whole new way of living your life!”

If you are resonating with this work and interested in working with me to solidly anchor into what you are here to do….JOIN US NOW!!!

I look forward to assisting you and creating a new foundation for health and wellness in the world!!



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