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Stop restricting yourself to get healthy

There’s been a huge trend in medicine to be more disciplined and restrictive when caring for the body. This comes from the idea that we’re doing something that’s making us sick, so we need to stop doing that in order to heal.

This especially happens with diet. Yes, we can benefit from omitting gluten, sugar, dairy, or other foods our body is not tolerating, but the thing I’ve found that makes the biggest difference is to ADD certain energies in!

In this video I share how to change that, so instead of restricting yourself, you ADD MORE THINGS IN in order to let your body heal.

We’re made of energy, and often what’s required for healing is to add in the things that bring us ease, joy, and harmony SO THE BODY HAS IT’S NEEDS MET and can heal effortlessly!

If you’ve been efforting your way, trying to heal your body, let go and open to RECEIVE what you need instead.



  1. Dr Kim

    I love this video! And, have the greatest gratitude for it. Changing to a more positive attitude. So often when we get sick, we beat ourselves up. What did I do wrong? What mistakes did I make? This further contributes to self punishment and negativity. You are so correct: it’s all about increasing our awareness on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels , that will contribute to success in our healing! Love and blessings, Shirley M

  2. So glad I found you-heard you first on this years’s Tapping Summit.

    Thanks so much for the reminder about Adding, not Restricting. I needed this. I just recently realized and acknowledged to myself that I’ve been addicted to health related seminars. My emails are full of them and I’ve listened to so many. I find the new leading edge nutritional discoveries so fascinaring. Autoimmune disease, gluten, adrenal fatigue, thyroid, etc. etc. so I’ve been stuck for answers between that second and third circle in the diagram you shared in one of your videos. I know I want to be in that third(inner) circle and I know that everything is energy first, but I’ve been going back and forth. So frustrating. (Need to tap that out)
    I’m beginning to take my name off these health related mailing lists. Trying not to have withdrawal. LOL.
    Instead of fixing and restricting, more focus on what I want to create and expansion.
    How does it get any better than that?

  3. Really excellent! It’s so healing to add to life and see the results, rather than focus on eliminating or decreasing things. In these additions are the joys we need that also pull up the energy levels. Thanks for sharing this, Dr. Kim.

  4. Thank you, I’ve intuitively felt this for a while, I’ve started adding foods back in after being very restrictive. Wise words 🙂


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