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Flu Season: Should You Buy In?

This time of year, there’s a lot of talk and press about “Flu Season” and all the things you need to do to protect yourself.

It can bring up lots of fear that suppresses our immune system!

Do you need to buy in?

If you think you’re susceptible, I invite you to ask yourself: “Is it TRUE?”

Whether or not you get sick has SO much more to do with what is going on within your own body, rather than what viruses are going around.

The TRUTH about your body is that you are a self-healing mechanism. You have the ability to stay healthy despite what might be going on around you. When you open to this, you can then access that power more fully.

When I worked in the ER, I was surrounded by sickness. Early on there was fear that I would catch something and get sick. Often I did!

Then I realized, “Wait a minute, this isn’t even true! I have more resilience than this and haven’t been accessing it!”

It changed my relationship with the idea of exposure!

What happened was fascinating: I stayed healthy despite exposure to all kinds of bugs, germs, and viruses.

You have access to the same resilience within you.

Buy into THAT!

-Dr. Kim

P.S. What beliefs do you hold about your body being susceptible, your being weak, or your needing “protection?” …are you ready to question them and let them go?



  1. OMG. I can’t believe you made this video today ! I have Lupus and I have been so stressed out about going out to stores or restaurants. I did get the flu last year and ended up in the hospital for four days. I don’t get the flu shot for a couple of reasons. I have been meditating with my two words for the new year. I am healthy…I am strong! This has confirmed I am on the right track. Now I just have to get over the underlying fear. Thank you….I love you. I hope you and your baby are doing well.

    • Thank you Janet. Yes! You don’t have to buy into the fear of the flu!

  2. Thanks or this. It dove tails with my own thoughts in the last few days when hearing folks close to me engaging fear as a reason to “not do” crowded public events. First was my spouse suggesting because of seeing news two days in a row, that the flu season was in full swing, should we avoid crowds? I suggested gently that beyond our own thoughts and robust immune systems, we all can decide what we want to do based on our truest wishes – without need for fearful reasoning. Second was a bff with a MD that advised her to avoid crowds due to her recent tendency to catch viruses etc – and told her she has a weakened immune system. Two different situations. Two different responses from me.
    I love your reminder that we all have the gift of recalling our personal barometer and listening to it regarding best choices!!

    • You are listening to your own wisdom. Great!!

  3. I LOVEEEE this video… amazing..thank you.. I can totally relate to this…

    I’m wondering if you have any tips for PREVENTING & TREATING traveller’s diarrehea? I take the probictics but to no help.

    thank you Dr. Kim


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