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She Was On 30 Medications…Now Just ONE!

Enjolique Zimmerman had been sick for most of her life. After visiting dozens of doctors and being prescribed dozens of medications, she lived with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog, asthma, autoimmune vasculitis, digestive issues that required her constant attention, severe headaches, recurrent infections, urinary burning, and was often in a wheelchair. She was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic condition that affects the connective tissue, ligaments and joints. Eventually, she became unable to work and felt powerless to do anything about her severe worsening illnesses.

After years of surrendering all her power to her doctors, her condition continued to worsen.

Her young son asked “Mommy, why are you always sick?” and for the first time she realized: I couldn’t pass this victim story on to him. She began to wonder “What else is possible?” and see things from a new perspective.

It was then she found this work and began a new way of relating to her body and her illness.

HERE is an interview where she shared:

  • how she overcame a severe “life-long” illness and is now out of the wheelchair and is fully functional in her life!
  • what happened when she took her power back from doctors and realized she in charge of her life
  • the tools she used to resolve the 2 most common fears most people have with chronic illness that keeps them stuck

Enjolique shared that after participating in the Embracing Health program, she found the power to go beyond all the ideas she had about her illness, symptoms, and body, and choose harmony and health instead.

She is eating normally, off steroids for asthma, no longer in a wheelchair, and has resolved the panic attacks and migraine headaches. “I have no panic attacks now.”

She told me: “When I met my now husband I was on 30 medications. I’m now on ONE and it’s as-needed.”

I’m so grateful to this amazing woman for being seen, sharing her endearing story, and having the heart to open to the gift of who she is!!!

This interview will definitely move you into a more powerful place within yourself!!!!


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  1. Good morning, I have just been diagnosed with left branch bundle block and my EF is 35. They are talking about putting in a defibrillator. Is this something I can reverse or should I just go ahead with the procedure. I am so scared but they say this is serious. My cardiomyopathy is non ischemic. Please let me know what you think. I know you are the best my niece Maria Yahia is doing some work with you.

    • You will want to really feel into this, but not from a place of fear. When you can neutralize the fear and sit with that neutrality, you can make this choice from a place of clarity.


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