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Why Self-Help Doesn’t work

What is the difference between transmutation and transformation?

We have the ability within us to allow all things to fall away that are blocking us from our highest level of vitality.

When we go about healing through self-help, working harder, or trying to “fix” the problem, that is transformation.  You might feel better temporarily, but eventually the problem you were trying to “fix” comes back in one form or another. You are still in the same frequency of working hard or managing the issue.

When you allow transmutation, you connect with something within yourself that allows you to go to a higher state of being. This will allow all the old patterns and old ways of thinking to just fall away.

The old patterns could mean being susceptible to viruses or the inability to clear a chronic illness. It could be a theme in relationships that keeps showing up. It can show up in your work or money issues. It is what keeps you stuck in that same pattern.

In order to release this, I invite you to place your hand on your heart. Be willing to FEEL and be AWARE of those stuck energies.  Is there frustration, anger, or FEAR?

Take 3 deep breaths and feel into the light of your heart and relax your body. This will allow things to transmute.

It can be so simple, but most of us do not allow for this to happen. We are too busy “fighting” and “trying” and not allowing. See if you can be present to allow what you are feeling. Send your body lots of love!


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