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The SELF-CARE Essential

Everything happening “out there” is a reflection of what’s going on in US “in here.”

When we remember to make our INNER STATE the focus of our attention, we allow everything in our lives to change, sometimes very quickly!

SELF-CARE is an essential practice for this and right now, we cannot live without it.

Remember: self-care is not a luxury. It is an essential!

I had the wrong idea about self-care for a long time. It was coming from my head.

I’d think of things I could do, places I could go, or actions I could take to “get what I needed”.

It was okay, but it didn’t create the IGNITION I really needed to expand my life.

That changed dramatically the other day when I was asked to do a “random act of self-love.” (I share about this in the video.)

I realized self-care can be something that happens in every moment, and does not need to take time or money, or anything.

It’s something I receive from myself and it’s effortless…but soooo essential and fulfilling!

– Start by asking: “What do I need right now?” Tune into your system and become aware.

– Then be willing to meet that need, either with encouraging words, a gentle touch on your skin, or just lovingly witnessing this part of you in need.

– Feel what happens in your body when you do this. Did something shift? Do you feel more loved and nurtured?

No one in the world can meet your needs until YOU are willing to be present to them and receive what you most deeply need.

Use this self-care practice to let everything change in your life.

Live a life centered around care and love for YOU, and let go of all the things you’re putting before that.

Then, you are uplifted, fulfilled, energized, and SOURCED so you overflow energy and love into your life.

Sound good?

Let me know how it goes!



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  1. I cannot believe how relevant your videos are to me! As if by magic the message is timed to perfection and today’s gave me something that I very much needed to hear. Thank you so much, Kim.x

  2. Thank you
    Perfect timing to be reminded of this.


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