Retrain Your Brain for Health and Prosperity

It was previously thought that since your brain and nervous system drive your chemistry and behaviors, your programming for disease, anxiety, depression, as well as your money, and relationship set points could be managed, but not be really changed. However, current science shows the brain is neuroplastic! It can be dramatically altered, allowing major changes in every area of your life.

In this episode of MindBody TV I share how to ignite foundational changes in your brain to release old programming and step into a whole new you! Plus I’ll share an invitation to learn a powerful Neuroplastic Process I’ve developed recently that has massively changed my life!

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  1. October 19,2023,

    Hi Kim and Friends,

    Thank you for another video of having the courage to look within. Especially now in what is going on in the World. Who knows what the state of the nation and world will be in by Christmas??

    It reminds me and Carol when we lived in England many years ago what these two victors or ministers said: Don’t try to change anyone but your selves. Concentrate on your healing and then you will have greater impact on others.

    Thank you for confirming all this through your own personal challenges of healing and restoration over the years. As the good book said, ” Out of the heart are the issues of life.” And believe me we are all facing personal and global issues that blow one’s mind.

    Be Still and Know…. Letting the miserable feelings come up and be felt. Thank you for the tools. Especially now with all that is going on.

    In Peace,

    Bill and Carol

    • As always, thank you for your feedback!


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