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How to RESOLVE Pain and Fatigue Instead of Fixing It

It’s not up to you to fix your pain, your illness, your fatigue. Your body is not “wrong” when there is illness or dis-ease.

Rather, it’s up to us to OPEN and RECEIVE the “gift” in this breakdown, the “benefit” of the challenge we’re facing.

When we don’t open that gift, the problem never goes away. It will return again and again in different forms.

I had a practitioner friend who recently noticed that when she was doing work to “fix people’s problems” she would find that although they would get better, the problem would just return in another illness or a more complex challenge.

Now that she’s willing to let people fully witness their pain, it allows them to receive so much more as they heal.

The work I’m doing assists you in moving THROUGH your greatest fears, pains, and challenges….not in fighting them or overcoming them.

This is SO much easier and creates SO much more!

(…and yes, it allows the resolution and dissolution of those illnesses, imbalances, and problems that previously seemed so impossible.)

It doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, YOU ALREADY HAVE WITHIN YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

There’s just stuff in the way 🙂

You are on the right path. Release the fight, and you will begin to receive.

-Dr. Kim

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If you are ready to release resistance that’s keeping you stuck, and enter into the Harmony and Freedom that creates health, I invite you to join me and register now!



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