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Releasing Protection to Embrace Abundance

When we’re protecting ourselves from failure, pain, or loss, we block the Abundance and health we so deeply want. We can’t receive when we’re protecting!

Sylvie Olivier of Golden Heart Wisdom has been a mentor of mine over the past years and has changed my life around this.

The wisdom she shares connected me so fully with Who I Am and has assisted me in receiving Abundance in ever-expanding ways.

I wanted to have her share this with you as it pertains to releasing old protections that keep us in lack and limitation.

HERE is the audio from the interview with Sylvie!

How do we receive Abundance?

Our CONSCIOUSNESS determines all of our experiences. Health, Wealth, Love, Freedom, Joy, and Ease are all a reflection of the level of our consciousness. When we’re at a lower frequency of judgment, control, or protection, we block the Ease and Abundance that is here for us. Our ego keeps us stuck in “achieving” and “succeeding” in the ways the mind says are important, so we struggle and stay in survival.

By opening to let Life assist us, we allow a shift in consciousness to TRANSMUTE all of our experience. We no longer have to “make it happen” or effort our way through life, but can instead RECEIVE what our hearts most deeply desire. This is unconditional, and unlimited. We access it through connecting to the heart.

Listen HERE to the interview I did with Sylvie where she shares how to allow this “expansion” into higher levels of your Infinite Self!



  1. I loved this! I feel so grateful to be at a place where I can receive Sylvie’s beautiful words 🐥 I wouldn’t have had any idea what she was talking about 5 or so years ago. What an amazing Universe…things do show up when you’re ready for them. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My heart is full!!

  2. This makes perfect sense and is such a relief. Thank you so much! I look forward to the expansion that can come from breathing into acceptance and allowing.

  3. That was just wonderful, great, great.

    Thank youuuuu so much Kim for this great opportunity.
    Many blessing to you.

  4. Thank you both of you – This is interview is simply love and harmony from begin to end – it goes straight to my heart – and made me Fall Asleep happy, inspired and totally relaxed and surrounded by love💖🙏🏾 Love to you ❤Ida

  5. WOW….so many wonderful things to receive….thank you💛🙏🏻

    I am ready!

  6. I started my morning listening to this inspiring message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


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