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Can You Really Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

Many people compromise in life because we think we can’t have it all. Whether it’s your relationships, career, or health, when you fail to stand for what your heart really desires, life can’t deliver.

Join me in this week’s MindBody TV to release those limiting ideas and truly enter the magnificence life has in store for you!




Do you think you can’t “have it all?” Do you buy into the idea that struggles are just a part of life? Maybe you’re in a lot of pain, physically or emotionally, but you’ve been there so long that you don’t believe you’ll ever feel better. So you settle. You compromise. You believe the lie that you can’t have it all. You believe in the idea that you can’t have a fulfilling life in all the ways your heart desires. 

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about releasing those limiting beliefs and entering the magnificence life has in store for you.

So many people who are dealing with chronic illnesses don’t realize how much they are compromising themselves. They make choices that aren’t what is best for them. They don’t see what’s really possible for them, and are unaware of how their choices impact their healing and what’s going on in their bodies.

Accepting what is and allowing flow is not the same thing as settling. If you are ready to get out of compromise and receive what is really in store for you with your heart, money, relationships, and with every aspect of your life, be willing to shift between paying attention to what you see and what you know (which comes from the heart). Feel how something makes you feel. Does it make you feel contracted or expanded?

The one thing you do have a choice in is how you feel. How you feel changes everything. It changes your chemistry, brain activity, digestion, ideas, and even the energy you pick up on around you. You have the complete and total choice to determine how you feel. Asking yourself the question, “How could this be the best thing that ever happened to me?” will immediately make you feel the greatest sense of expansion.

Don’t buy the idea of not being able to create the abundance you need. Be willing to listen to your heart and all the things it has in store for you. Be willing to say YES to the calling of your heart, because you are the cake!

Yes, you love the cherries on top, just like you love your family and other people around you. But when you feed yourself first and foremost, everything else gets fed as an overflow from your fulfillment because you are willing to know that you are the cake! The cake is you being fully alive. The cake is you celebrating yourself unconditionally.


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