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Releasing GRIEF and DEPRESSION During the Holidays

Grief can be really profound this time of year, especially if you have spent time trying to suppress it. As you end the year, your system wants to LET GO so that you can start the coming year in a new energy!

—HERE is how to release grief and depression for good!—

When you notice grief arising, it’s because that energy is ready to move out. However, in order to release the depth of grief, fear or sadness, you must REALLY allow it. You have to be willing to be present to it ALL in order for it to release.
(What you resist persists.)

The more you “try” to feel happy or more joyful, the more the grief will pull you back down. It is calling you to go deeper.

Use whatever assists you to appreciate the pain and connect with it with COMPASSION.

If you have recently lost someone or are just feeling down over this holiday season…HONOR THAT! Make space for it and it will allow so much more to release. This will allow more space for joy, health, freedom and happiness to move in for the coming year!




  1. As always, I love your videos! The tools you offer have been so helpful to me. This one is just so perfect, for all that can come up this time of year.

    I also appreciate how your share your personal experiences — it makes it all so much more real and accessible. Not to mention your wonderful positive energy and enthusiasm for this work. It’s infectious and lights a fire in my belly!

    Blessings, gratitude and love,


    • XO. Thank you for your kind words Trish.

  2. Can you help make a distinction between being present to the grief and depression so it dissolves versus prolonging it by becoming involved with it or participating with it? I think I am sometimes reluctant to just feel the feelings because I have not had enough awareness and maybe slipped into the story unconsciously and maybe dragged the feelings out and made them bigger. Does this make sense?

    • Yes! Rather than feeling reluctant to those feelings or feeding them to make them “bigger”, just allow them to come up. No need to do anything with them other than be aware of what is arising.

  3. Thanks. Very good information. I want the playlist for your mom’s music gift!!

  4. Hi Dr Kim I am having lot of problems relaxing and breathing I have lot fears when I am around people ,shopping ,driving ,going to doctor Office, I forget to breathe when I am deep in deep sleep which causes lot stress inside me please advise how to get out of this my name is Jasodra Samlal I am female 51 years old

    • Jasodra, see if you can allow yourself to feel this fear, anxiety and stress. Allow it to come up without judging it. Let it be ok to feel this way. Don’t make it wrong or bad. This will allow it to move through you.


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