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Ready to Let Go of Others’ Negative Energy?

Do you take on other people’s energy? Does it bother you to be around “negative people?” Do you feel exhausted and depleted after being around others all day? If you’ve been trying to protect yourself from negativity because you’re so energy sensitive, join me for this week’s episode of MindBody TV!

We’ll explore why being “empathic” does not mean you have to suffer, how to neutralize energy instead of needing to protect yourself from it, and how to use your sensitivity as a great strength!




Do you find yourself taking on other people’s negative energy? Do you feel exhausted and depleted after being around others all day? If you are highly energy sensitive or empathic, you don’t need to live your life that way. 

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about letting go of other people’s energy and using your sensitivity as a great strength.

Being highly energy sensitive allows us to access infinite awareness. Navigating life from pure awareness allows amazing things to be created not just for ourselves, but also for the people around us.

Have you ever experienced feeling, “it’s all too much” that you try distracting yourself from feeling what you feel? If you’re highly sensitive, there are so many things you may be doing to suppress feeling so much, like turning to social media, using drugs or alcohol, orkeeping drama going in your life. When you suppress what you feel, it disrupts health. Your cells degenerate, your immune system cannot fight bacteria and disease, and your DNA turns on the genes for cancer. All of these things are results of our disconnection from the Source.

When you have the willingness to feel what you feel, the energy can move through. The willingness to feel what you feel and embrace everything exactly as it is (and embrace yourself exactly as you are) allows energy to release and move through your system fluidly because there’s no longer resistance.

There are 4 keys to releasing the way of experiencing life as an empath and mastering this gift of sensitivity. One of that is by releasing guilt and shame. Guilt and shame are the heaviest energies and lowest frequencies you can experience in the body. Your willingness to feel it without judging it or running from it is the thing that lets it transmute. 

Be unwilling to make yourself wrong under any circumstances. When you no longer make yourself wrong, you start to have a deeper perception of what is going on. It’s not about NOT recognizing your mistakes, but embracing them as learning opportunities. Making yourself wrong creates more shame. When you harbor shame, the energy is in your frequency and it dictates all your actions and behaviors. 

No longer seeing yourself as wrong and the willingness to embrace and love yourself unconditionally would create more love. This is not a belief or a philosophy, it’s the truth of our nature as human beings.

Being highly sensitive is a beautiful experience if you do it from an awakened space of mastery, no longer as an empath getting thrown around and deeply having a lot of suffering from the most basic things. Being “empathic” does not mean you have to suffer. You just need to learn how to neutralize the energies instead of needing to protect yourself from them. You can use your sensitivity as a great strength! 

Are you ready to choose to be in abundance, ease, fluidity, and freedom? Set up your energy system! Tell your body, “It’s okay to let everyone else have their point of view. It’s okay to let everyone else have their energy. I can just let it move through fluidly. I can let everyone be exactly as they are and I’m okay. It has nothing to do with me. I love and accept myself unconditionally.”


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