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Relapse: Haven’t I Moved Past This Yet?

Often when we’ve worked on something and resolved it, we think we’re “done”. When that same issue, symptom, or feeling comes back, we think something must be wrong. We doubt our progress and healing. It can bring us into despair and confusion.

However, healing occurs not linearly, but cyclicly! As we embrace greater amounts of self-love and non-judgment, we’re ready to resolve deeper and deeper layers of that same core wound. It’s a good sign when things relapse, not a sign of weakness or inadequacy!

So how do we know when a relapse is a sign that we’re moving in the right direction? Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV and you’ll be cruising through your expansion cycles as never before!



We heal cyclically, not linearly. As we embrace greater amounts of self-love, we resolve deeper and deeper layers of the same core wound.

In this video, Dr. Kim shares what it means when your symptoms come back. When things seem to be relapsing, it is not a sign of moving backwards. It is actually a sign of healing. True expansion into greater health and abundance only happens when you honor and support the process of healing.

When you are in the frequency of love and allowing, the physical DNA in the cells unwind. The double helix slightly loosens. Amazing things happen when you go into a harmonic state. To allow and invite this to happen, you’ve got to create the setting. Let your body come into that receptivity so more profound transmutation can happen.

Move out of the mind and stop controlling the body from fear and conclusion. Move into true fluidity with the body. Are you willing to sit with the energies arising more fully to let them release?


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