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Ready to Be the Author of Your Life?

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are the creators of our lives. Authority=Creatorship and it takes courage to reclaim our power when we’re living in fear. Especially when we’ve been taught that the power is outside of us, or that others know better, it can feel doubtful that there’s any real power within us. However, whether we buy into outer authority or claim our own power, it is WE ourselves who are choosing this and creating the result.

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV where we’ll take a look at where you’re giving away your authorship, what programming has been running your system and how to reclaim this power to create prosperity in your world now!

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  1. Found you last night! Via Kyle Cease. Thank God

  2. This is a question, can physical pain always be fixed with the mind? I really need this question answered because I have a ruptured disc and have pins and needle feeling down my leg and foot. Does this have to be fixed with surgery like they said or can I heal this on my own?
    Thank you, you and your book and videos are a life saver for me.
    Ronda Hales

    • Yes, physical pain always represents something deeper going on. It doesn’t mean that resources can’t come in to support you, but all things are possible and healing is always possible.


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