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Quantum Healing: Do You Have to Believe You Can Heal?

We’ve been raised to believe what we see, and the “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality pervades our culture. So how do we step into the quantum reality where we already are healed and free when we are still stuck in the old 3D framework?

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV, where I shared how to go beyond believing into KNOWING, and access the true power in you and step into a higher reality now!



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  1. Dr. Kim. I’m beginning to feel the Quantum shift. I didn’t have much time today. I listened by short sequences and found your talk irresistible today. I listened to many of your talks and I know I’m getting it. The other day, I was in a very difficult situation due to a disagreement with someone. My go to is to make myself wrong and to worry, worry about the other person’s feelings, thinking How hurt she must be and even if i just wanted something to change. I’m thinking we can never mend this rift. However, I was able to quiet the critic down and see that I can surrender this over to the Divine and stop worrying about the outcome, Nothing is happening right now. I am safe. I have no way to know exactly how she’s feeling and I feel I will know what to do when the time comes. I can just let go!!! make some space around this – go for expansion – and not tighten up in a small little ball. I know it works because the gerbil went quiet!!! I so much want to know and apply what you are teaching. I am sure it is the key to better well-being. Once again: Thank You! Thank You!

  2. Addition to previous comment: You were so right on today!! Yes, you can be pleased with your talk today!! Thanks again!


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