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The Power of Story: What Are You Making It Mean?

What you make things mean about yourself and your past have everything to do with what’s going on in your body. When things aren’t working, letting go of your “story” about what happened and who you are is one of the quickest ways to allow massive change.

Join me for today’s episode of MindBody TV to unwind your stories and open to all new possibilities for your body and life!




For many people with chronic illnesses,, there is an emotional component keeping things from resolving. These are typically subconscious energies and stuck emotions stored in the body which have something to do with the stories they tell themselves. It’s a reflection of what they believe.

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about the power of the stories you are telling yourself and how they impact what’s going on with your health.

Do you have a chronic illness? Do you experience fatigue or depression? Whatever illness you may be experiencing, one of the places to look at is the stories you tell yourself, your beliefs.. The beliefs, emotions, and even memories you hold have a powerful and immediate impact on what’s happening in your health.

What are you making things mean? Your cells are listening. You may have bought into the idea of “I can’t have it.” You think you can’t have this relationship, you can’t have this kind of wealth, or you can’t have this healing.

What you are experiencing as a greatest problem or challenge mirror the stories you’re telling yourself. These stories have so much to do with how your body holds energy, which prevents healing from happening.

What are the stories you tell yourself? Write them down. Get a notebook and fill in the blanks, “The reason I can’t heal is ___________.” Whatever craziness comes out, even when you think you don’t believed it, just list them all out.

Look at each one of them and ask yourself, “How does this make me feel?” Feel the energy of buying into the story. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being in misery and 10 being in freedom, how does this story make you feel? What do you feel when you believe it is true? 

Now, put your hand right into your heart then ask yourself, “What if none of these were true and I can be unconditionally free? What if the opposite is true?” Feel the resonance of that. Take several breaths. You don’t need to believe it yet, just feel the energy of it. And again, on a scale of 1-10, how does that make you feel?

Remember that your body is a giant receptor. It doesn’t lie. It registers truth versus lie. It can also feel the resonance of your yes. So notice what you feel. Have the awareness.

The story you are telling yourself, whether it has happened in the past, can have a huge impact on what you’re experiencing right now. Life comes through you, not from you. So if you have all the tension, life won’t be able to move through you and restore your body. That is the power of story.


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