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The Power of Compassion to Heal EVERYTHING

It always amazes me how quickly and fluidly people can heal even the most stubborn appearing illnesses that have been present for decades, when they finally embrace profound compassion.

We had our first group call in the Embracing Health program this week, and I was so deeply touched by how person after person came forward to share their story and open to receive.

So much energy was released as people begin healing right there on the call.

For pretty much all of them, it had been a very long struggle trying to heal. Lots of work, inner and outer, lots of trying, lots of learning, and still experiencing lack. For some there had previously been immense despair and disappointment.

The power of deep Compassion and Pure Love is truly infinite in these spaces of immense despair, fear, and powerlessness that keeps us from healing.

I invite each of you to connect with the deepest space within where you have not received what you need. Where are you hurting? Where are you in fear?

Just acknowledging this opens the space to receive. This begins the healing process.

I am leaving registration open this week for the Embracing Health program for any of you who are ready to choose it.


Please know that if this resonates with you, but is not a fit at this time, that you WILL receive from what we are creating! We are all connected. You are not separate from anything or anyone. You always have all that you need right here right now in order to heal. Embrace that and know you are whole!

Here is the link for those of you who are ready and would like to join!

Sending LOVE,
-Dr. Kim


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  1. Dear Dr. Kim,
    I am recovering from Akathisia and Tardive Dyskinesia. I developed Akathisia around the first of August, 2016. None of the doctors I had access to, nor the pharmacist knew how to take me off of the half dozen meds they put me on, (including Lyrica, generic Valium, abilify and a few others.) I had only on line info to guide me. One doctor even said, “Just stop taking them.” And another wanted to put me on high dose of Lithium. Thank God I had read enough on line not to take their advice. After a few weeks, I finally found a psychiatrist who identified Akathisia and prescribed an anticonvulsive that stopped the uncontrollable full body movements. However, despite my best efforts to take myself off of my meds gently, I developed the Tardive Dyskinesia in October of 2016.
    I only found out about EFT this past month. It is tremendous how much it has helped me. I still suffer with bouts of anxiety, depression, and anger. But nothing like it had been.
    I don’t know how much you know about these medically induced disorders. So many doctors and therapists have no idea. I wonder what you can offer to help me and countless other pharmaceutical survivors.
    Sincerely, Charlene


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