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Mini-Meltdown Formula

Everything happening in your life that gets your attention is there TO SERVE YOU! Even if it’s illness, relationship struggles, or lack of money, the way you experience it is significant!! It’s coming up to get your attention so you can embrace greater prosperity!!

Use this when you’re feeling stressed, heavy, stuck, or depressed, OR when you’re really triggered about something going on in your life.

It’s short, but moves TONS of energy and allows you to be more free and at ease.

Use this anytime you like, and let me know what you notice!




In this video, Dr. Kim talks about the Mini-Meltdown Formula. It is something you can use whenever you are feeling stressed or when you are triggered by something happening in your life. It is short but powerful enough to move tons of energy, allowing you to be more free and at ease. You can use it anytime and anywhere.

The mini-meltdown formula:

  1. Sit with the energy.
  2. Breathe slowly ten times.
  3. Write it all down. 
  4. Ask an expansive question.

The first step is to sit with what you’re feeling, which is the exact opposite of what we naturally want to do. Naturally, we want to fix our feelings or try to make it go away. But being with what you are feeling will assist you in transmuting the energy. Imagine you are going down to the depth of the ocean instead of trying to get up and get to the surface. For at least five minutes, just sit with what you feel. Begin to feel it more fully instead of trying to feel it less. Doing so allows you to release energy and unhook whatever it is that is anchoring you into heaviness, despair, or fear. 

The second step is to take ten slow deep breaths. Be in your body and relax. Breathe into the nose and breathe out through the mouth. This helps shift the energy.

The third step is to get a journal and write down everything you notice. This is a powerful way to externalize the energy and get it out. What are you thinking or feeling? What are the deepest fears or angers or dreads? It doesn’t matter where they came from, just get them out on the paper. 

The last step is to ask an expansive question like “What would it take for this to be easy?” Allow some lightness to come in. Don’t look for an answer, just be in the energy of the question. For instance, if you are suffering from a health problem, you may ask, “What would it take for me to be at my fullest level of health and vitality?” You’re not going to answer the question. Rather, you will put it out into your higher self and allow yourself to receive the awareness of it.

The next time you feel energy strongly or intensely, such as when you feel stuck, heavy, sluggish, depressed, and you want to shift your state, pause for a while and do this exercise!

Remember that you are primarily vibrational, not purely physical. That’s the reason why shifting your frequency has an immediate cellular impact. It has a huge effect on everything happening in your physical body and physical life. 


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