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Dr. Kim D’Eramo talks about Mindset and Healing at the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit with Jay Davidson

You might be wondering, “If the body can heal itself, why do people still experience sickness?” In this interview with Jay Davidson, founder of The Chronic Lyme Summit, Dr.Kim shares her perspective of why some people stay sick with Lyme no matter what they do, and others can clear it more easily.

The answer to this question is simple. The body cannot heal itself when we disconnect ourselves from the source of health. Once we connect back to Source, the body can do amazing things.

There are at least two types of mindsets that impair immune function:

  1. The mindset of hopelessness. When we buy into the idea that we’re doomed, it’s hopeless, and we’re powerless to make a difference, this affects our body and immune function. We become suppressed by this heavy energy and so feel defeated. The best we can do it try harder to overcome…but we just end up depleted.
  2. The mindset of overcoming. For others, we fight. We see disease as something to overcome and push beyond. We source ourselves from the idea that we’re winning by not “quitting” but at the same time, we’re giving our energy away to this thing we’re fighting. It’s a tough dynamic because surrender feels like losing. 

What we need to do is move beyond these mindsets instead of try to work through them. Surrender everything you think you know. Take time to really listen to your body and simply allow the wisdom to come through.

In this interview, Dr. Kim shares tools and insights to go beyond this pattern of illness, so your immune system can realign and have the resilience needed to release disease.

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