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MindBody Tool to Release Pain and Fear

One of the greatest things that allows our body to be in discord, creates imbalance, disease, amplifies pain is the ways we’re not really present for our-self. We spend most of our lives trying to “fix the pain,” or prevent what we fear, instead of feeling it fully and allowing ourselves to just experience it!

If you’ve been suffering with illness or pain, physical, mental or emotional, use this mind-body tool.

It is a powerful way to open to ease, health, harmony and well-being.

-Put your hand right on your heart and take a few slow, deep breaths.
-Bring your awareness, your attention into your body around your heart.
-Tell your body out loud, “I feel your pain. I’m ready to be here with you fully and completely, to feel all of this pain and everything you have for me.”
-Feel into the space of your body. Feel into the space of your pain or whatever it is that you’ve been experiencing.

This is the path to allow all of that pain and fear to release.

Your body knows how to let go of pain and imbalance of every kind!

Be present and willing to feel it all completely and fully.  Saying those words gives a new signal to your body that lets you relax, lets you receive, and allows your body to do the process it already knows how to do of healing.


P.S. What did you notice??!

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  1. I have been feeling so knotted up with anxiety and pain in my heart and my gut around my father in memory care and wanting to run far away. When I spoke the words above “everything you have for me” the feeling/word LOVE came directly after. Relief, releasing…must do this frequently throughout the day. I am SO stubborn – your tools are right here; tapping is right here and I make the choice every day to do something else (unhelpful for my mind and body). Thank you so much – just keep sharing your wisdom, your generous heart.

  2. By accepting the pain and ceasing to resist I felt my body telegraph my awareness a feeling of support and hopefulness.

    • I’ve had give for twenty years. This reversed them somehow.

  3. You had another version of this on another video and I’ve searched and searched for it. It was the Game Changer. I so appreciate you! Thank you!!


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