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Masculine and Feminine Energies: How to Activate Your Relationships for Love and Passion

We all have yin and yang (feminine and masculine) energies within us. These energies directly impact our health, mood, brain function, and our relationships. If you are playing out relationship dramas or are unable to find fulfillment and intimacy in your relationships, you are likely imbalanced in these energies and harboring wounded versions of them.

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV where I was joined by my husband and Divine Partner, Mario Torres-Leon, MD. We shared some of our personal journey in a conscious relationship and how to identify and strengthen your masculine and feminine energies for power, love, and passion in your life!

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  1. So, if one of us is feeling overwhelmed in the relationship and the other feels everything g is fine, how do you go about talking about what’s overwhelming you without it feeling like blame on him or blame on myself? I cry a lot and bring things up that troubled me from past moments, and apologize for feeling the way I do, and I not supposed to do that? I’m confused . So do we just tell each other what bothers us with one another without discussing it afterwards? You just listen to the problems and issues? And then it’s done?

    • If you are coming from a loving and compassionate space and are open to listening and sharing from that space, so much more can be created.


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