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Living beyond your FEAR

The biggest thing that prevents us from maintaining a sense of harmony, peace, and wellbeing is FEAR.

Fear is that sense in the body that tells us: “There’s something wrong! Stop! It’s not okay!” -and drives us further into fight-or-flight to find and eliminate the problem.

We think fear is a rational response to danger, and that there must be something out there we need to address…

However, what most people don’t realize is:

The problem IS that you’re disconnected from yourself!

That’s all!!

Fear is the visceral response your body has when you have disconnected from your Truth and from the Source energy that you are.

When you notice fear, that’s great! You actually want to become aware of what’s going on in your body so you can reconnect.

That’s it!

Just getting reconnected with your body, sending it love, giving it your attention and letting that deep place inside know you are there and it’s okay IS the thing that allows you to restore healthy chemistry and come out of “fight-or-flight.”

That doesn’t mean there might not be an action to take, a change to make, or a course-correction.

It means that getting out of fear is the surest way to begin that.

Then the clarity comes so the change is obvious and effortless.

Stop letting fear guide your decisions. It will never lead to peace.

Let me know your thoughts!



  1. Great tip, thanks!

  2. Hi Dr Kim! I have lived with anxiety/panic attacks for 35 years. I’ve been on all types of medications over the years and done lots of different therapies. For the past 8 years I’ve been battling with gut issues, chronic pain, fatigue etc. Recently I’ve been getting acupuncture for the pain after every treatment I wake in the night in panic. I definitely do breathing technics which helps and I can fall back to sleep after about an hour. The rest of the nights sleep is interrupted every hour. I really want to continue the acupuncture but am starting to feel fearful of my next treatment. Do you have any advise, I’ve mentioned this to my acupuncturist but I’m still having anxiety/panic. Thank you I appreciate any advise or direction.

  3. Are panic attacks the same ? I wake up every night and go into panic attack mode for 1-2 hrs. Then I am tired all day. Any suggestions?

    • All panic is not the same. There may be chemical shifts going on causing this. It’s worth having some labs checked and checking your stress hormone levels and blood pressure if you’ve not done that.
      That being said, when your body relaxes into sleep, it can trigger the parts of you that are in fear to prevent that from happening.
      Using MindBody Medicine and EFT tapping or other modalities to talk to your body can be immensely helpful.
      Let me know if you would like my personal support.

  4. I love this, Dr. Kim. <3
    As a Business Coach & Entrepreneur… there are often times when I need to do things that are new to me that stimulate my fears. This is a simple, yet powerful exercise I am going to use to break through those fears that come up from time to time to let my body & mind know that it's ok… I am safe. Thanks so much for this! <3

  5. How do you convince yourself that you are safe when you don’t feel safe because your body keeps getting sicker and attacking you and you keep getting more diagnoses and limits that feel very scary and unbearable?

    • It isn’t about convincing yourself. You will want to come into your heart and trust that whatever is coming at you, your body has the wisdom already within it to know how to heal.


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