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Are you ready to BE who you REALLY are?

There’s a higher calling within each of us. One who wants to be expressed, seen and lived! We can suppress this, rationalize it away, or stay so busy so we hardly notice this inner inspiration to be more….but eventually we exhaust our ability to resist and finally we surrender to something higher. JOIN ME LIVE this week for MindBody TV where I’ll share how to open the flood gates of your true potential as never before!




Is there something in you that wants to come out? Is there someone powerful in you that wants to be lived? If you’re in a higher frequency, you will feel it as inspiration. If you’re in a lower frequency, you’ll feel it as desperation.

From whatever frequency you’re in right now, Dr. Kim invites you to begin connecting with what this higher calling is. In this video, she talks about listening to your higher calling to be who you really are.

The question is, what have you felt that was either the inspiration or the desperation in your life? Every time you go into anything, you bring your energy with you. If you’re conscious of it, your energy can shift quickly. Even if you can’t totally do something to get yourself into a higher space right away, being conscious of where you are residing is enough to neutralize it.

To step into who you are and begin the shift, the first piece is awareness. Be present to what you’re noticing. Ask yourself, “Is it inspiration or desperation? Am I feeling open and expanded, or am I feeling contracted?”

The second piece is being where you are more willingly. Be at ease with exactly where you are now. Being where you are right now and doing it with greater allowing and acceptance is the fastest way to come into a higher frequency and allow things to change.

Check into the moment and breathe in stillness. Even 10 minutes a day of being present and breathing before you go to bed is powerful. 

Set an alarm every day to remind you to tune into your system. Ask yourself what your vibrational frequency is, what your breath is doing, and what you are consciously choosing at the moment. This awareness will dynamically assist your ability to expand into what you are really here to be. The more stillness and presence you embody, the more inspiration and energy you’ll have.

Who are you ready to be? Are you ready to be who you really are? Are you ready to be that right now, or do you think it’s not yet time and you still need to wait? Now is the time for you to consciously choose to step into who you are.


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