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Instant Elevation Technique

This is one of my favorite MindBody Tools you can use anytime.

This tool immediately CHANGES YOUR CHEMISTRY and CHANGES YOUR BRAIN ACTIVITY, so you get a better result in every area of your life.

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  1. Thanks-Giving to you!
    Enjoyed your webinar and detailed information toward our upgrade in health last night. About to listen again.

    • Great! We would love to have you in the program, and still have space available.
      Today is the last day to register.

      Would love to support you in there! The program is amazing!!

  2. I like your ABC technique. For the choose portion, is it important that it is a heartfelt choice or does just thinking about better health bring on a change?

    • This is such a great question because we can sort of obsess about whether we’re doing it “right.”
      When you’ve gotten your energy centered in your body, and you’ve recalibrated your breathing to soothe yourself down, it really doesn’t matter much whether you are super focused on what the “choice” is, or you’re just general about an intention for something wonderful.
      However, FEELING the choice is very helpful. If you can generate the feeling of that inspiration and gratitude you feel when you receive the intended experience, it’s a VERY good indication that you’re ready to receive it, and it does get you into the frequency of it very very quickly.
      If you’re not able to really feel it though, don’t even worry about that! You’re still moving yourself much closer into that direction.
      The thing NOT to do is to try to get there. There is no where to “get” and trying to only mucks things up:) Trying is a stress state, and it brings you farther away from your intended result.
      Thanks for asking!!
      -Dr. Kim

  3. Thank you for your inspiring words.i have Hashimotos , adrenal fatigue and chronic joint pain.i will try out your ABC tips? Love Roy

  4. I have searching for a Dr. just like you. You are the BEST!!!! I so desperate and really need your help. Can you please advise me the best method to use for major depression. I been battling this for to many years to mention. I have been prescribed meds, they work for so long and then have to try something else. Please help! Thank-you

    • Hi Paula.
      I would be honored to support you. I’ve helped many people resolve patterns of depression and am very familiar with this, having struggled with this myself for so many years. There are several ways we can work together.
      I send out content to my list regularly, so be sure you are subscribed at (I’m thinking you already are!)
      Also, I have home-study programs where you will learn the techniques and tools I’ve used with my patients and clients. (These come with online support and coaching from me in the exclusive Facebook groups that go with the programs.)

      For private intensives with me, these are deeply transformative (like a major overhaul that opens you up to deeper dimensions of your power.) I DO sometimes take on private clients at $5,500 for 3 months, however, my schedule is full right now.

      Lastly…and if you’re ready for MASSIVE change and you’re serious about this, I do have a group coaching program starting soon, and there is space in there.
      You would work with me as well as with my coach. The work is very powerful. Right now there is a bonus offer where you receive a private session with me ($750 value) as part of the package, for the 1st 10 people only. There is still space for that.
      I will send you the link if that is something you are interested in!!

      We formally launch it next week and it will fill up.
      Blessings love,
      -Dr. Kim

    • Hi love. How has it been? I’m reaching out again to check in. Will send an email too, so I’m sure you got this. Blessings, -Dr. Kim


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