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Inner Alignment Exercise to Heal Naturally

Our inner alignment creates our life and everything we experience. It directly affects our health AND our outer world. We go through life thinking we can create the outer first, by “going” and “doing” and then when that’s done, we will feel good…

…but it is the exact opposite.

We must create inner alignment first, and that will be reflected in our outer world.

A great way to come into that inner alignment is to start with your physical alignment. Straighten your spine and elongate the body. Align the spine and the neck and open the chest. Relax your shoulders and BREATHE in this posture.

Here’s a video with what to do next…

When you are focused on things outside of yourself, your energetic alignment becomes unbalanced. You become misaligned mentally and emotionally.

There are four influences that can get your alignment off kilter.

  1. focusing on the future
  2. ruminating on the past
  3. focusing on other people
  4. being stuck in your identity

These disconnect you from SELF, so you lose center, and disconnect from guidance.

Release that by connecting with your physical body and bringing the energy back to your heart.

This will open you to compassion and receiving. As you relax the body, it opens you up to greater compassion. You must experience compassion in order to feel your purpose and to contribute to others and the world around you.

There is a creative power that comes through you when you are in alignment, and that will serve you and bring you all kinds of gifts. It generates changes in your electromagnetic field that will create change all around you.

See what you notice!

-Dr. Kim



  1. Very, very useful, utterly practical, and SADLY unconventional insights. Thank you for sharing with such enthusiasm!

    • Hi Ron. Thank you for taking the time to comment and to view the blog! So happy to have you here.

  2. Wonderful, I love it! The absolutely wonderful thing is that we can come into alignment – it’s something that is within our power. It’s do-able! And so simple to start with physical alignment. Of all the many videos of yours I have watched, this is the one that has had immediate impact on me. Thank you SO much.

  3. Hi Dr. Kim,
    Thank you so much for sharing this and all of your videos! I’ve been following you on FB and receiving your emails for a few months now. This video really spoke to me, that’s why I’m writing 🙂
    I’ve been doing psychotherapy and energy work (EMF Balancing Technique) with individuals for almost 20 years. The combination is amazing. However, I’m being guided to start teaching what I know about the ‘combining’ effect, but have been challenged with putting it into words. The way you explain how our inner alignment affects our reality is what I’ve been praying for…This is the missing piece to my puzzle.
    My goal is to empower people to KNOW that calm place inside, and that we can create whatever we want from it! It’s so simple yet so powerful!
    I appreciate you!
    Infinite Blessing!

  4. Thank you Dr. Kim for sharing this. It is an excellent reminder of such needed inner alignement and how to achieve it.

    • You are welcome! Sending love.

  5. Just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you Dr Kim! I’ve been practising the Instant Elevation Technique whenever I feel the need and I’m starting to notice more synchronicity, (in a lovely way,) and feel much stronger and more grounded.

    • Amazing. That is so great to hear! XO

  6. I totally resonate with this and aĺl the videos by Dr. Kim. So pleased to have found her and her bòok is amazing. I’m never done reading it and taking it all in.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Margaret. So happy you found Dr.Kim too and have the book. There are so many great tools you will learn.

  7. How would you tell an athlete to push less to succeed more but are taught to eat live breathe what they do or will not. ie) training for a bodybuilding competition? Alot burn out I know. There has to be a balance.

    • Hi Karen,

      It’s a matter of coming into alignment with WHAT REALLY SERVES YOU. If pushing and training hard is a fit, THAT will be what you have energy for as you become more aligned with your Essence.

      However, if you step into greater alignment, and no longer have the energy to push and train, you can honor that it’s not what’s serving your highest expansion, and you can let it go.

  8. thankyou for this piece of information i will certainly try this

    • Hi Georgina. Thank you for viewing!

  9. I want to KNOW this…. at a heart level. I want to understand at a gut level and for it to become real in my life. It is hard for my logistical mind to wrap itself around the concept. My life has been all about working hard and completing a list of steps to work toward a goal. You’re right – it’s been about working on the outer self. I have read your book twice and am on my third time. This inner alignment seems like something that will take a long time to even come near to understanding and incorporating… yet something that I desperately want and need. I will continue listening to the videos and reading your book. Eventually it’s got to sink in, right?

    • Yes! It is all about entering the heart. So often we try to figure it all out in our minds. This work is all about entering into the heart space and aligning with our higher self.

  10. I agree with the other positive comments…this was shared inspiration that could bring so many people into the miracles that are just waiting for them. My own doctor has said for years I need YOGA…but you gave me the understanding of what that can do for we anxious people who are trying to fix everyone but ourselves. Eternal thanks!


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