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If you’re using the tools and IT’S NOT WORKING!

If you have utilized some of the tools from my MindBody Toolkit or Instant Elevation Program, and you feel like “it’s not working” for you, there’s a reason. What is actually happening when we feel this way is we’re still in expectation and attachment.

These tools are meant to assist us in awakening and coming into a higher consciousness. When we come into higher consciousness, we’re in a more fluid space so pain can release and energy can move! However, if we’re using the tools as a way to fix ourselves and get what we think we need, we’re missing the point.

There’s so much in store when we can receive from a space of allowing vs. forcing. Giving our bodies more love, acceptance, and ease is what will allow us to heal. If we focus primarily on changing the body, it doesn’t get us anywhere. It just causes more resistance.

The question to ask for clarity on this is, “Am I trying to give myself love and compassion, or am I trying to fix the problem?”

When we use these tools as a way give ourselves more of what we really need, which comes from love and compassion, that will benefit us in the greatest ways possible.THIS is what has been shown to heal everything.

I invite you to release any agenda, goal, or hope for what you want this work to create, and instead use this work as a way to love yourself more fully and enter unconditional acceptance. What you will witness happen from that is immeasurable.




  1. Superb perspective and invaluable reminder, thank you Dr Kim!!!

    • Thank you Dr Joe for watching!

  2. Thank you for this Kim! I needed this reminder as I help my 7 yo navigate a health issue. I find I go into “I need to fix this mode” when fight or flight overwhelms leading me to worry that I’m not doing enough for her or when I start to overthink whether there was some way I could have prevented things etc. I see that there is a difference between being with what is at the moment versus feeling helpless that I’m not doing something to help her as that will allow the universe to bring ultimate possibility for her or so I’m hoping! Sometimes it’s so much harder to trust the process when it’s your children instead of just yourself. I appreciate all your guidance, thank you!

  3. I have been doing your program and I get this video you just shared, as that’s where I am. I have always been really hard on myself, I never cut myself a break. Today in Bikram Yoga class laying on my mat sweating staring at the ceiling I thought “I don’t want to be perfect, I just want to feel perfect” I guess for me it meant to just love myself unconditionally right now as I am. How do I do this? How do I give myself love, compassion? thanks and keep doing what your doing!

  4. I guess no expectation!! When we live in physical pain is hard not to think on it or put your attention in the dissconfort!!

    • Yes Jose. Letting go of expectations can allow us to accept what is exactly how it is right now.

  5. Hi Kim! It’s so great to see other medical doctors embracing the mind-body perspective. And, doing it with such eloquence and credibility. So much of what we do as MDs is to be trapped in the physical plane which is one dimensional and actually disempowers the patient’s own natural healing capabilities through ignoring the mind-body connection.
    I am a medical doctor with an additional degree in neuroscience who specializes in the treatment of anxiety. I’m also a certified yoga & meditation teacher and toured is a standup comedian for 10 years. I also had a severe anxiety disorder that did not improve until I Incorporated mind body techniques.
    I have created a master class and anxiety that draws heavily on mind body strategies. I think our approaches are quite similar and I’d love the opportunity to chat with you sometime to discuss this further if you’re interested.

    Thank you for your valuable work in helping shift the emphasis of healing to focus on a mind body connection! Which makes total sense as most diseases result from a mind-body disconnection and that is no more true than in anxiety. Thanks Kim!


    • Hi Russell,

      Thank you for reaching out.
      You can contact Dr. Kim directly at
      It sounds like you are very much aligned with this work.


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