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How Your Frequency Affects Your Health and Everything You Experience

So many are struggling with chronic illness or challenges they can’t get beyond. It can be a conundrum that absorbs our life. What if instead of searching frantically to change things, you could access the core and let them dissolve?

When we realize we are primarily vibrational, not physical, we begin to see reality in a new way. But it’s not about the battle to “increase our frequency”. That’s just one more thing to work on changing.

Join me for this episode of MindBody TV to understand how to distill your challenges to one core energy and let that dissolve so things open up, solutions appear, and you are free!




Are you struggling with challenges you can’t seem to get beyond? What if instead of searching for solutions, you can access the core and let them dissolve?

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about how your vibrational frequency affects your body and everything you are experiencing.

You are primarily vibrational, not physical. When you become aware of that, you begin to see reality differently. Energies make up your physical form, affect your cells, and determine whether you are in abundance or lack. What’s happening to you is not random. You are not at the whim of these energies. When you can become conscious and embrace what is, you allow them to dissolve.

Where are you right now? Meet yourself right here and right now where you are. Presence it and don’t go anywhere.

You are a creator in the equation of your life. The focus of your attention creates a cellular change and chemical experiences in your body. If you shift your focus, it changes what gets created and gets stirred up in your body. As energy, what you focus on expands. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. What you resist persists. Remember this in your approach to your body and to health, and you empower yourself to be the change you have been seeking.


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  1. If sitting with the pain/discomfort and breathing to allow the energy to move through, does addressing the issue with a doctor’s appointment or a rehab session make the energy get stuck again? I guess what I’m asking is being proactive with physical therapy, etc. create more resistance? I have a series of exercises I’m supposed to do. How do I do those things and not create resistance?

    • Hi Page. The answer is no. If you have clarity that you are doing these things to support your healing, then they will. If you are doing them from resistance, or to “fix” something, then it can remain stuck.

  2. Kim – bit by bit, I’m getting there…here. The last few months have been a bit hellish.The whole time I’ve been saying “I’m not doing so well at the moment, but I’m going to be fine, heading in the right direction”. Having to go through it to get to it.

    Still holding onto my insights from my weekend with you.


  3. Hi Dr Kim, I want to heal more than anything and have tried to embrace what is but after 2 years of 24/7 bladder irritation, I’m so terrified it’ll be forever and I won’t get through it. How do you accept something so distressing in the moment?

    • By releasing some of the fear (the fear you will never be well). Even just 2%. When we can accept who we are exactly as we are in this moment, without trying to change it or “fix” it, the body can begin to let go of the fear and come into a more harmonic state where healing can happen.


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