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How your emotions affect your body

If you’ve been trying to address physical symptoms with a physical solution (supplements, medications, diet changes) – and finding you’re exhausted from trying to fix your problem…

It’s time to go beyond the physical issues.

What I’ve found is that when you shift into a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, the energy of your body totally changes.

That means the same problems: allergies, genetic issues, hormone problems, and other physical states totally change depending on the frequency you’re in.

Since the body is made of energy, it can shift and change easily!

This has a lot to do with your emotional state.

We’ve seen scientifically that anger, resentment, and fear all create changes in the body that cause physical disease.

That’s why weight gain, fatigue, and autoimmune illness is so common.

Many of us have STUCK EMOTIONS we’ve been unable to resolve, keeping us sick!

How do we shift this?

When we’re willing to SIT with our emotions, FEEL our body, and let everything come up (without suppressing it or fixing!) we actually move that energy out.

It no longer stays in our physical body causing disturbance.

Your body IS that powerful!

So if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to do everything you can to fight fatigue, weight gain, pain, or illness, GO DEEPER!

Ask your body “What do you really need here?” and be willing to feel the pain and really listen.

This doesn’t mean you don’t address your needs or that you ignore them. It’s just the opposite. When you start listening to your body more deeply, more will surface.


That’s energy coming up to move.

Release what’s coming up as you stay present and breathe, and I guarantee, you will begin to witness the miracle of healing.



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