How to Tap Into Your Guidance for Answers, Solutions, and Healing

My daughter recently asked me “Mom, how you do you help people heal?” I shared the #1 most essential part of true healing, and taught her how I know what to do, how to do it, and when. Within minutes, she was beginning to tune into the wisdom and guidance that has helped me assist to many clients and loved ones as well as to heal myself. It was magical. Then she said “You should do a video on this!”

In this episode of MindBody TV I share how to tap into your own wisdom for guidance, answers, and healing anytime, anywhere. Start living your life from a deeper, more powerful vantage point by connecting within your body and listening. It will change everything in your life! Thank you, Gemma!


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  1. I just listened to your video on tapping into healing, Dr. Kim! You are amazing! I have watched so many of your videos and always when you are on the Tapping Summit too. I am trying so hard to incorporate these things you talk about, breath, meditation, tapping, quieting myself to really listen to what my body is saying (not so good at this one!) but I have been dealing with a swallowing problem for many years now which has only gotten worse over the last couple years. I have had my esophogus stretched several times and many tests done. Next week I see yet another ENT specialist for a possible surgery I may need for a Zenker’s diviticuli on my esophogus. I was diagnosed w/that six years ago but they really don’t feel it’s large enough to be causiing these swallowing/choking problems. I have looked into Biofield work too w/tuning forks, do acupuncture every month, Vagus nerve exercise I do online, etc. IF you have any other suggestions I would be so grateful to hear from you. I purchased your book several years ago and loved it! But, I know I need to be more regular about the suggestions you share and less busy with, as you said in your video….”running around helping others”!! : )


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