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How to Resolve Family Patterns

Have you been carrying your parent’s energy? Do you get triggered by your family or notice yourself being your mother/father even though you swore you would never be that?

In last week’s MindBody TV episode, I shared how we can become aware of the family patterns we’re carrying that are blocking health and wealth, and how to release them easily, fluidly, NOW!

So often we share the same patterns that we witnessed in our own parents. We might have the same health problems or react in ways that are exactly the same way our parents did. Energetically, we adopt these patterns and often they get ingrained in us.

There’s no one who can bring up our triggers and unconscious patterns more powerfully than our families. This can have a heavy effect on our body and mental health. When we’re ready to live in more health and vitality but find ourselves living in lack or overwhelm, it’s often a matter of how we relate to these old family patterns.

The conclusions we buy into can directly impact our health and limit our vitality, abundance, and well-being. These patterns affect even our DNA expressions and when we’re aware of these triggers, it’s a great indicator that we’re ready to release old patterns.

Noticing how we experience our family patterns, and being aware of how we feel will allow us to release those emotions. When we take the time to release the overwhelm, identities, “shoulds” and “musts”, we can move out of resistance. Resistance can actually bring about illness and/or contraction. By trying not to be like Mom or Dad, we end up participating in that same pattern ourselves.

Our own personal push back to “the way things should or shouldn’t be” simply creates more rigidity and tension. That not only blocks us from feeling our wisdom and guidance and opening to all the resources available within us, but it creates physical resistance and limitation too.

When there is resistance caused by fear, we can invite ourselves to operate from a place of love and fluidity instead. This allowance and receiving is what releases old patterns and belief systems. 

If we feel into our body, breathing to allow our feelings to register, we can ask: (Do I have resistance to my family? Incompletion with something that happened? Resentment? Allegiance?) The Ho’oponopono method of saying the mantra: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” allows our body to know it’s ok to release anything we’re ready to, no matter how long it takes. It’s our right to feel upset and when we provide that love to ourselves, the release is able to happen.

Our tension, pain, and struggle is 100% for us to meet. With a calm mind, we can be willing to feel our emotions or physical pain and be willing to allow that energy to clear. What a gift it is to let ourselves receive what we need so we don’t require our family members to do it for us!

Dr. Kim



  1. Thank you, this was amazing for me and in perfect timing… My parents recently dis-owned me, I have held so much anger for there recent behavior as well as the past. I know now that I must set boundaries that honor myself and to also let them off the hook for all of the things I am hurt by and resent from the past. Thank you for following your heart as you are a gift to many… xoxo

  2. Wow! This really speaks to me. Thank you so much for posting this video/blog. Your work has helped not only myself but my daughter & husband. I hope you don’t mind that I tell everyone who passes through the spa (where I work) about you and your teachings. 💖


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