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How to Heal Yourself Through Healing Others

There is a lot of research in MindBody medicine about the power of intention and what it creates in our world. We are not separate, and just intending for a specific outcome has an impact on that outcome. This also creates a powerful change within ourselves, as the intender. There is not a cell that isn’t affected by the power of our focus. When you hold intention for a higher outcome, it lights up health in your body. Likewise, when you focus on what is unwanted, it creates a negative effect cellularly and which impacts every aspect of your body.

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about healing yourself through healing others.

Rather than focusing on intentions for yourself, where there can be judgment, attachment, and fear, there’s a lightness that happens when you focus on your intention for others. It allows something higher to come in. Science has shown that it’s easier for most people to stay in harmony in their focused intentions for others, but that this actually allows something powerful to happen in the body when we do! It is an intention from the space of wholeness that immediately allows you to let more healing energy in.

Accessing your own space of compassion allows you to hold that space for another. If you are able and willing to meet your own pain with love and compassion and hold space for others, you will access a higher level of love and compassion. Doing so feeds your body. Since your body is the channel for the intention, it affects you even more powerfully.

When you are giving something, you are the source of it. You share love with others because you have enough. When you contribute, you experience yourself in fullness. Contributing to another is a powerful activator of your health and your ability to receive. Use the process of intention for others to allow a powerful ignition for yourself!


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After watching this video, here’s my question for you:

  1.  What are your highest intentions for yourself?
  2. Who can you hold intention for that feels light and easy?
  3. How does it feel in YOUR body when you do this?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


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