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Foundations of MindBody Medicine: How to Get Started with Self-Healing

Understanding the true nature of your body awakens something powerful within you that ignites major change.

Watch this week’s episode of our “Back-to-Basics Summer Series” week 1 to unlock a whole new potential for your body and get started on a path for inner healing!

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  1. This is great I really believe it would work. Sadly I’m on disability and there is no way I can afford that cost.
    I am experienced with meditation and self-hypnosis after watching your video I believe I should be able to convince my body to work properly. thank you.

  2. Dr Kim: I been following you for many years because I deeply connect with your vibrational language.
    I will like more information about how can I WORK WITH YOUR HEALING PROGRAM?

    • Hi Arlette, thank you for your note. Please feel free to reach out to our support team and we can guide you to the best program for you.


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