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How to Establish a Business in 5D

We have now moved into a far more expansive world, where we experience things that go way beyond what was previously believed to be possible. Science has shown that we are VIBRATIONAL, not primarily physical, and so we understand how non-physical things (like thoughts and intentions) can impact the physical body and allow sometimes immediate healing. We also understand how FREQUENCY can heal the body even more powerfully than medications.

Many of us are awakening to work that lies in this dimension. We may not at first understand it, but it will call us into doing things like leaving our job (even when our mind says that’s crazy) learning something new (even if we don’t know how we’ll possibly use it) and stepping into new ways of doing things, (even when we’re scared to death!)

I recently interviewed Mark Romero of, who is an excellent example of someone who has lived this kind of transformation. Mark left the 7-figure business he had established to do much more expansive work based in “Unity Consciousness” (the awareness that we are all connected and are not separate.)

His work is based on the healing frequencies of his music which specifically releases suppressive energies keeping someone from living their fullest and healthiest life.

I interviewed Mark for my Awakened Practitioner Collaborative and decided to share this with everyone, since the interview was so awesome!

(He also gives a sample of his work to transmute ways you’re picking up others’ energy and not letting yourself be fully clear in what you’re here to DO in the world!)

In this interview Mark shares:

-his personal story of leaving a multimillion-dollar business to do something more expansive (he didn’t want to do it!)

-why it’s essential to let go of your expectations when choosing to live your highest life

-the #1 most powerful disrupter of our physical and personal energy

-why dis-harmony shows up and what to do when it does


-how to share your message beyond the spoken words, so people feel it and “get you”

I’ve been working with Mark myself and it’s been very powerful for me!!

Mark will be assisting us at the live summit event in November.

If you are interested in joining my Awakened Practitioner Collaborative and attending our live event, details are here:

I hope you love this video!!!


P.S. Definitely stay for the part where Mark does a demo of his music. Sit and FEEL YOUR BODY and you will witness how powerful these frequencies are in releasing what’s not serving you and integrating your highest self!

Mark can be found at


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