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How to Be a Winner When Life Gets You Down

I recently saw my friend Jason, who is a professional ultra-marathoner, which means he gets paid to run hundreds of miles regularly. He’d just arrived home after winning yet another race and seems to have mastered what it takes to consistently achieve his goals. He mentioned that his mindset had a lot to do with his wins.

Now, Jason is fit, trains regularly, eats right, and gets the sleep he needs, but when I asked him: “What’s the #1 thing that you attribute your wins to?” …he immediately said: “My mindset!”

—Here’s a video we shot so he could tell you about it.—

What’s he doing right? He’s training his body and his mind! Here are the 3 main components of how to do it (A, B, C, D):

1. While training and running, Jason keeps his awareness in his body, so he can monitor and nurture what’s going on with his thoughts and emotions. He knows this will directly and immediately affect his health and performance.

-Focusing your AWARNESS is the first key to mastery. You want to keep the majority of your attention in your body as you go about your day and your life.

Bringing your attention to your breath and doing a mental body scan are great ways to do this.

2. Also, Jason clears away any thoughts and ideas that interrupt his energy and flow. You can think of these as “negative” thoughts; they’re any thoughts that deplete you physically, mentally, and emotionally. He simply uses his intention to “delete and un-create” wherever these thoughts are coming from.

-Changing your BELIEFS and thoughts creates chemical reactions and electromagnetic changes that immediately affect your health, weight, energy levels, and performance.

When you are aware you’re thinking defeating thoughts or feeling stressed, simply say: “I choose to delete and un-create this energy.”

3. Next, Jason adopts new thoughts and beliefs that are empowering, inspiring and energizing. Because he’s present in his body, he has cleared the limiting thoughts, he’s free to choose nurturing, supportive thoughts that give him a lift and energize his body.

-CHOOSING consciously the thoughts that energize your body will immediately empower you on every level.

Start by affirming: “I love myself fully and my body responds favorably.”

4. Lastly, Jason holds to his ideal outcome even when things don’t seem to be working. This can be the most challenging part. When things don’t seem to be going well or when his body is feeling run down, he persists and decides that he can and will rise above it.

-DESIGNING your outcome and sticking to it even when life isn’t reflecting the change you want, is the key to attaining results. Your life is a reflection of your perspectives, so persisting with your decision to live an empowered life is the most important step when life challenges you to revert back to your old patterns. Remember, even when your old perspective is “right,” if it’s not working for you, keep deciding to let it go.

I have a great exercise for this part called the “Design Your Life Worksheet.” You can get it HERE to use it now for whatever you’re wanting to create. I’ve found this to be the most powerful way to get clear on where I’m going. Remember, where your attention goes, your energy flows!

—-You can get the worksheet HERE now!—

These steps are part of my 5-part system to “Radical Health.” It’s a life based on what fills your heart and fuels your soul. These are the things that energize the body and reverse dis-ease. Finding out what makes you come alive, then aligning your entire life with that is the surest way to overcome challenges and create the life you want.

You might start with your fitness and health, or start with your relationships or career. All of life is responding to your perspectives, your choices, and your decisions.

I’m eager to support you, so please let me know in the comment box what you want to move toward in your life now! You CAN create your ideal, empowered, and inspired life.

Use your Awareness, change your Beliefs, make conscious Choices, and Design your life!!

Love, Dr. Kim

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  1. Hi Dr Kim I have hashimotos,adrenal fatigue. Painful joints and a frozen shoulder …I would love to go back and be able to attend dancing classes but my body is just too weak and sore all the time…please help❤️ Toyama


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