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How to Answer a Yes or No Question in Your Body

You know when you have a really tough choice how it can stress you out and drive you nuts??

Even the small choices can do this. We end up feeling conflicted, and often make the same choices over and over that create all the things we’re working so hard to change.

What if you had a clear way to get ANSWERS, anytime, anywhere…that would reliably lead to your greatest outcome?

It’s easier than you may think! Watch this video now to learn how to get answers…

Sending Love!

– Dr. Kim

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  1. Hi, Thanks a lot for sharing this video ! A question though…sometimes I guess our body can feel a little stress, but maybe because we’re scared of changes or because of our limiting beliefs… What do you think about it? Dose it make sense or does tension or heaviness always means a “no”? How can we make the difference between these situations ? Thanks a lot !

    • Hi Marjorie! Thank you so much for your question, and I greatly apologize for my severely delayed response. (I’m putting systems in place now so that I get to all of the posts:)

      GREAT question!! Yes, sometimes the “yes” answer can bring up fear or stress because it’s something we’re resisting, that’s why you want to connect with the feeling and breathe as you do this.
      When you BREATHE the fear or tension away, it moves through you so there is clarity and you can really let in your “YES.”

      For example, when I was stressed about a recent choice to visit a friend (not a life-or-death issue, but I felt so much tension over my choice.) I got off the phone after making plans and said “Kim, what do you REALLY want to do tomorrow??” Immediately the idea of canceling the plans I’d JUST made brought up some negative feelings: “I can’t just cancel! That would be so flaky.” I breathed into my body, and just released this idea. I then imagined feeling FREE, feeling WELL, and feeling RELIEF.

      I asked myself again: “What would you really like to do tomorrow?” and reminded myself that “Life is on my side and all things are happening in my favor. I live in an Infinite Universe and can relax into my peace and wellbeing as I choose what’s right for me.”
      (It’s a process to incorporate that belief!)
      Then, when I felt into my body it was SOOOO apparent that meeting my friend (fitting it into my already full morning) was NOT in my peace. I called him back to explain and he immediately said: “Kim, whatever works for you, I will totally adjust. No problem, as long as you’re happy!”

      He literally reflected the reminder belief I had incorporated.

      Doing these little reminders before you feel into your “yes” or “no” to allow WHATEVER is ready to reveal itself will allow the information to come in more clearly.

      Hope that helps!

      XOX and blessings!
      -Dr. Kim

  2. Hi Kim, I recently subscribed to your page. I have been enjoying your ‘short, sweet to the point videos’. I found them practical, simple and relevant. They just ‘click’ with me! Now, the reason I am sending this message is to say CONGRATULATIONS! It takes guts to do what you just did. It is not just about walking your talk, it is having the inner strength to do it! So Well Done! and lots of blessings. Vanessa

    • Hi Vanessa!!!
      THANK YOU so much for your encouraging post!!
      I apologize for the severe delay in responding. I’m just getting to all of these now (and will be keeping up in the future!!)

      YES, it takes strength!! That’s what Life is always giving us the opportunity to develop -more strength. Not always enjoyable, but when we remember the purpose for our challenges, it totally helps us move through them.

      Please let me know anything I can support you with; what challenges have come up, etc. Happy to be of value on your journey!!
      XO Love, Dr. Kim

  3. I love your feels light and uplifting in my body. I honor the way that you share that our body communicates our deepest intuitive knowing. Be well, Andy

  4. Do you ever use muscle testing to get answers and clarity on your choices?

    • Hi Pam! I apologize for the severe delay in my responding to your comment. I’m just getting into this now!
      Thank you for commenting on my post.

      Yes, I do use a form of muscle testing to get answers, and the way I do it is a little more intuitive. I get better, clearer answers when I just let it go and ask my body to make it clear, then I FEEL into the answer.
      For me (since I’ve sort of trained myself and practiced being aware of my body) this works faster and more reliably.

      How about you??

      XO! -Dr. Kim


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