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How SENSUALITY Heals Your Body

Do you know that just SENSING into your body allows energy to move and release? Your focus and attention changes what’s happening physically. When you judge your body or suppress what you’re feeling, energy gets stuck. This can block health and foster patterns of illness, fatigue, and pain.

Join me for this week’s MindBody TV to learn how to sense into your body more deeply than ever. Live as a sensual being to allow vitality, freedom and healing!




Many of us have been raised in a society that teaches us to suppress what we feel. As a result, we focus on what the think, what we’re told is right or wrong, and what gets programmed in the mind. This suppress the body’s wisdom, inner knowing, and connection with the divine aspect of ourselves – which does not serve us. When we judge our body or suppress what we’re feeling, energy gets stuck. 

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about how sensuality heals your body and how your physical body responds to your willingness to sense what you’re feeling. Whatever experiences you are having, feel and sense into it. Whatever your mind is doing, be present to it and have that sensory experience.

Sensing into your body allows energy to move and release. Bring your awareness from your head down through your neck. Take a deep breath and feel your chest. Bring your awareness to the space around your heart. Doing so changes what’s happening in the brain and allows you to receive different sensory information.

Now, bring your attention from your heart down to your core. You can put your hand right on your belly and all the way down on your pelvis. Remember that it’s your body. Be willing to touch and caress it. Be willing to be gentle and loving to yourself.

When you connect to the infinite and pure energy aspect of you, it becomes easy and quick for the physical body to shift. Your ability to sense and feel what’s happening in your body is energy and it shifts your frequency. Until you embrace your fear, you can’t receive resources to assist you in moving beyond it. You got to embrace fear so you can choose beyond it. Be willing to be sensual. Be willing to feel what you feel.

What feels smooth and fluid to you? Sense into your magical and miraculous body and receive awareness. Live as a sensual being to allow vitality, freedom, and healing. Being more fully sensual opens up to a whole new world of guidance and possibilities to let your love be created in abundance.


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