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How Letting Go Creates Space for Massive Change

Whether it’s health, money, or relationships, we tend to overestimate the power of hardworking and undervalue the power of surrender. But often the deepest, fastest, and most significant changes come when we let go.

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV where we explored the metaphysics of surrender and how to activate this unseen, untapped power to ignite unthinkable change in your life now.

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  1. Ok, I located and watched the Letting Go video. What’s fascinating to me Dr. D’Eramo, at 13:30 or so you mention getting into the juicy stuff when someone mentions fear of hair loss with dis-ease, and I’m thinking by how you are discussing this, that you next extrapolate all the fears that can develop from this, image, job loss, money loss, survival loss, and on and on. The anxiety that is always there will create a feeling of unsafety in the body/mind/soul and perpetual dis-ease. This make so much sense and I resonate with this idea. David Hawkins, John Sarno, Kim D’Eramo. I agree with your approach to understanding dis-ease 100% at this point in my life. My question to you is: Generally speaking, most people will react with anxiety or anger or fear to some extent when something of meaningful adversity/stress happens in their life. One wonders why some descend into very challenging debilitating dis-ease while others do not. Those that do not also have anxiety to some affect, how can humans be averse to anxiety entirely, and yet their is no physical dis-ease. Have they let go more effectively even though one may see great signs of anxiety and distress at the business meeting? Or, is “illness a spiritual detox” perhaps. I noticed this video and I will watch that one too! I have not read my copy of David Hawkins Letting Go or began the work yet but I made a new acquaintance who has been challenged by a pain condition that had debilitated his life aware of the book and he has had great results with it’s practices. Thank you for what you do.

    • The reason some descend into lower frequency and become overwhelmed is due to our perception of what’s happening. When I remember “life is happening for me” I can receive that adversity and grow. When I think “Oh no, not another thing; life is out to get me” you can see how that generates the clamping-down effect where we try to power our way through situations.
      It’s always up to us how we receive life. What choice can we make that allows us to flow?


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