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How Joy Creates Health

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Paris with my husband which was filled with joy and love! During the trip, I shared the MindBody TV episode about “How JOY Creates Health”

There were lots of comments about how difficult it is to find joy when we’re suffering with illness. This is true when we have a limited idea about JOY! Many of us think joy is “happiness,” and it’s true that happiness is a form of joy, but JOY IS SOOO MUCH MORE THAN HAPPINESS!!

Joy is an opening to our Infinite Selves, and it can be received from wherever we are on the emotional spectrum!

When we’re in despair, joy is the cracking open of compassion when we let our feelings flow. When we’re angry, joy comes in honoring our perspective and giving ourselves a break. When we feel heartbroken or disappointed, joy comes in knowing that this is our heart expanding to receive way more. And when we’re feeling hopeless about an illness that doesn’t seem to be getting better, joy is the realization that there is nothing “wrong” about any of this; we are going through the dissolution of our old self.

When we think joy is about happiness, we try to “get there” and “feel better” instead of honoring what we are feeling now. Let go of that idea about joy. It’s not a destination. It’s an ever-present, healing energy that is your life force.

See if you can find ways to open to joy now. You don’t have to know what brings you joy or makes you happy. Just feel into your body and connect in your HEART. What are you feeling now? LET YOURSELF HAVE IT and feel it fully and willingly as if there is nowhere else to go.

KNOW that this is enough. This is the greatest “medicine” you need right now. Take a few breaths to witness what’s happening within you. Is there fear, hopelessness, grief, despair?

Decide it’s OKAY to feel exactly what you are feeling right now and give yourself permission to be right here. Breathe more fully. Then feel your body again. Thank your body for this experience and continue forward in this new relationship with you.

THIS is what joy is really about.

You don’t need to go to Paris to have that “joie de vivre.” It’s right here.

XOX and sending love,




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