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How ALIGNMENT Creates Reality

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for things to show up before you can be happy and free? Or like you’d make changes in your life if only you knew for sure it would work out okay?

If you think life is going to happen before you do…guess again! 

—Here’s what just happened for a client of mine when she took the leap and let herself be free!!—

Life is completely a reflection of you! We live in a holographic reality. That means what you see outside of you is a reflection of what’s going on inside. 

Are you ready to show up? Are you ready to experience true freedom, abundance, love, and to live life on purpose? If you are, I emphatically invite you to join the Mind Your Body program! My husband Mario and I will be assisting participants through this course live over the next several weeks.

Amazing things happen when you follow your inspiration, even if there’s fear. The change has to begin with you, and we will guide you through it!

I’ve seen truly incredible things happen for the clients I’ve worked with in this program and I know the same is true for you. All of them had doubts, fears, and limitations they saw before them but we’re willing to choose their “ yes” anyway! 

Will you do the same? If you’re ready, JOIN ME HERE!!



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  1. Conviction, commitment, surrender, courage, and embracing our greatest abundance: uncertainty. While the Divine Creator, Preserver, Destroyer knows the past, present and future, we humans do NOT know what will be happening in the very next moment.

  2. Hi Dr. Kim, I’m interested in taking your Mind your Body 6-week Programm. I will not be around for two of the life calls and I’ve never had a face-book-account. Will there be a recording available and if necessary can i e-mail a question?
    Thanks, Andrea

    • Hi Andrea,

      All of the calls will be recorded and are hosted in your member’s area so you do not have to have Facebook to access them or any other course material. And yes, you can send in your questions ahead of time so that they can be answered during the call. You can email support at: with any questions


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