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How ACCEPTANCE Invites More

It may seem that acceptance is resignation. Giving up on your dreams of more love, health, or abundance. Acceptance is actually one of the most powerful ways to immediately invite in more!!!

If you’ve struggled to create the health, love, or abundance you really want. JOIN ME LIVE for this week’s episode of MindBody TV where I’ll share how to enter this powerful access point that’s always available, to keep allowing more of whatever you’re asking for now!




In this video, Dr. Kim talks about one powerful tool that will allow you to release resistance and create more expansion in every aspect of your life. Wherever you are, you always have access to this one tool: ACCEPTANCE.

  • Acceptance is about letting go of figuring things out.
  • Acceptance is saying “I’m willing to have this experience, period.”
  • Acceptance is a powerful way to access something higher. It is an electromagnetic shift that will serendipitously open up possibilities.
  • Acceptance is not fighting “what is,” but harmonizing it.
  • Acceptance is not about giving up on your dreams or not inviting anymore. It’s about the willingness to feel more instead of trying to feel less.
  • Acceptance is not resignation, it’s just letting go of the attachment that you think it needs to be “this way or that way.”

“Accepting what is” doesn’t mean you are going to be less likely to handle a health issue. Instead, you will be more likely to take inspired action.

When you let go of trying to make the “now” different than it is, you aren’t in full acceptance of “what is.” People think that the resistance to “what is” is going to get them to their desired destination, but they’re wrong. The only thing that can create more expansion in your life is by first creating an energetic shift and increasing your frequency. Tap into the wisdom within you. Entering into the “now” moment is the only time you access greater wisdom, power, insight, and clarity.

Relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath. Let it all go. That is the first point to begin resistance and enter the NOW more fully. That is what acceptance is all about. Unfortunately, there is so much we are doing to avoid what is. But our point of power only exists in the NOW, not after we figure things out. 

Remind yourself that it’s okay to stay here. Be open to all of it. Be willing to feel your disappointments and fears. Just stay in allowing and receiving what’s happening so you’ll access more – more healing and more solution.

You are the change. As you enter into full acceptance of “what is” at the moment, as it is, that’s where you access your power.


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