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Ho’oponopono Mantra for Healing Everything

The Ho’oponopono mantra is a powerful tool that can be used to clear old energies and old ways of thinking and being. These limitations can hold you back from expanding into being fully alive and fully embracing Love and Compassion.

This ancient Hawaiian healing ritual has been developed into a much more simplistic form so everyone can begin using it to bring yourself into a higher state of consciousness.

This is a universal way of embracing PURE LOVE. Anything you notice coming up within you, allow yourself to WITNESS it in Pure Love. When someone says something or does something that drives you crazy, WHAT IS ARISING WITHIN YOU?

Say I LOVE YOU to the part of you that is hurting, sad or in fear. When health issues arise, whether they be physical, mental or emotional pain, something on a deeper level is going on. When you become present to what is happening within you, embrace it and send it LOVE.

Send LOVE to the pain, fatigue or hopelessness you feel. Then, allow it to clear and release with Love and Compassion.

-Dr. Kim

P.S. Try this:  Tell yourself “I love you! I love you! I love you!” What happens?

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  1. You are wonderful!
    I am listening…..I am learning….I want to learn more and more and more…..Thank you

  2. Where do I purchase your Ho’oponopono program?

    Thank you!

  3. Greetings Dr. Kim

    Why do you use:
    1. I love you
    2. I am sorry
    3. Please forgive me
    4. Thank you

    Instead of:
    1. I am sorry
    2. Please forgive me
    3. I love you
    4. Thank you

    Love and Blessings

    • Hi Linda, the order is not important. Dr. Kim just likes to start with love 🙂

  4. How do I do hooponopono on someone else to loose weight

    • You could use surrogate EFT tapping to support someone else in their journey or introduce them to Ho’oponopono to see if that resonates with them.

  5. Hi. I suffer from complex PTSD and my mind is filled with so much negative banter and intrusive and violent thoughts and images. I have so much anger in me towards my mother and brother and also a lot of fears and am constantly anxious. My mother passed away 2 years ago and that’s when things got out of hand. How can I practice Ho’oponopono?my mind doesn’t stop and my self esteem is so low and I keep blaming the whole world and then comes the self sabotage. It non stop in my head. Thanks

    • Vanessa, this will be a great practice for you to begin to integrate. More self-love, more forgiveness. Self-sabotage is just a lack of self-love. It’s a practice to begin to let that in and Ho’oponopono is a great way to start.


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