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How to Honor Yourself Without Creating Boundaries

When you put up energetic boundaries, you block love and keep out the abundance life has for you. So how do you let others know how you want to be treated or what you need in relationships? Especially at holiday time, all the ways you aren’t fully honoring yourself will show up in your relationships with others!

Join me for this week’s episode of MindBodyTV where we’ll explore how to receive what we want from others without creating barriers, so you receive love and abundance in all ways.




Everything is energy. When you create boundaries, what you do is create barriers. Iit creates separation. As a result, you block out your ability to receive love, care, and support, which blocks abundance. So, how do you set up ways of honoring yourself without making it about boundaries?

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about how honoring yourself is not about setting boundaries.

All the ways you aren’t fully honoring yourself will show up in your relationships with others. If you move into “I honor myself in the equation of my life,” it’s a beautiful invitation for everyone around you to do the same.

To honor yourself in the equation of your life and of your relationships, you have to be willing to feel what you feel. Let go of all the walls and boundaries in your mind and tell yourself, “I receive all of it exactly as it is. Everyone can have the opinion they want and it’s cool. I’m not threatened. I am me. I love and honor myself in the equation of my life.”


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  1. You are Amazing! I love everything you talk about. Absolutely needed to listen to this today. So helpful. Thank you 🙏🏼

  2. Fantastic, thank you!!

    There was always something with “boundaries” that didn’t sit well with me. This nails it.

  3. During this coronavirus quarantine situation, I am going through old emails that I kept in my inbox but have not had a chance to listen to. I am so glad I listened in to this one. This is such an interesting perspective! I guess I always saw boundaries as a way to protect my energy. I don’t like to absorb other’s negative energies or allow others to have that much control over me. I think you are saying a similar thing but from a different way of looking at these situations. Honoring ourselves allows us to see ourselves as whole and thus, not needing that boundary (putting that ‘wall’ or boundary up). This will definitely be a challenge for certain triggers. It’s as if the muscle memory in my brain and body automatically goes into defense mode when certain triggers present. I like the concept of not needing others (and their opinions, etc…) to affect our belief as being a whole human being. Lots to think about.

  4. How do you let go of abuse from a family member. Just recently. Past 4 years. Running you from a job, embarrassments, screwing with your child’s graduation, (after you didn’t graduate and worked so hard to see her sucessful.) Falsely acuse, blowing up (my)cell phone, trying to destroy a person after my weightloss, trying to start a business for me?
    After taking abuse years ago from my father?

    We wouldn’t go back to an abusive relationship right? I can’t open to them.

    Set myself up again. 3rd time, would be my own fault for sure.


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