Dentist Comes Clean: How Healing Starts With Your Mouth

I recently was introduced to an entirely new way of taking care of my dental health. It’s revolutionized my morning self-care routine. My teeth are whiter and feel clean and fresh all day.

In this episode of MindBody TV special guest Dr. Ellie Phillips and I talk about why conventional dental care has been amiss, and what you can do to take charge of your full-body health starting with your mouth!

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  1. November 16,2023

    Dr. Kim and Friends,

    Ever since I started doing HEARTMATH my bleeding gums reduced by over 98% There is no bleeding anymore. Plus pain in my jaw has gone down. Not to mention other parts of my body has level out. The only thing I hate is the aging process. It really sucks!!! Doing HEARTMATH in my 20’s and 30s would have been much easer to do then in one’s 70s It gets harder and harder to heal and recover as one ages. Old age sadly is not reversible!! You can not step into a time machine and go back to your youth. All one can hope for is to age gracefully and when the time comes to die in peace at home. To have a last meal. Wine and your favourite dinner and then call it night and go to sleep and not wake up. In great peace of heaven it self.

    Until that last moment we stay at our post and be the medicine in a dark and turbulent world. To have the courage of not letting these feelings in our hearts and body become repressed and causing all kind of misery and crap for our selves and others close to us and making everything worse. It is a daily process of stillness of the body to let these feeling flow out for health and healing.

    Stillness. Be still and Know?

    Thank you for this week video on dental health and how this relates to feelings in the heart and body.


    Bill and Carol

  2. Yes, conventional dental care is not the best dental care. In the USA, the ADA has built a mythology around fluoride. Fluoride is a toxin and the human body has no physiological need for fluoride. It should especially be avoided for children. NEVER make baby formula with fluoridated tap water (per warning from the CDC). I won’t list for you all the ways that fluoride is harmful to the human body – this is all available online. But you must bypass the heavy, heavy “public relations” from the ADA – which has a HUGE liability with regard to metal amalgam fillings and fluoride. We now know better, so we should DO better. But there’s a lot at stake for the industries that make money processing fluoride to poison our municipal waters. Kentucky has one of the highest rates of fluoridation, but one of the highest rates of dental caries. Please don’t buy into the fluoride myth. We should have a choice as to whether we’re medicated via our water supply. A neurotoxin has no place in MIND-body medicine.


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